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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Shedding a Little Light

or at least hoping to very soon!!!

O.K. So how did we go from this.... this???

My daughter says the room looks so much larger without the chandelier. I agree. Not sure if it is simply because your line of sight isn't broken or because it is so dark in here at certain times of the day that you can't even see the walls!

In any case, the afternoon of our Halloween party - when almost everyone had gone, the chandelier decided to stop working. I am pretty sure I am somehow to blame - either because I shorted out the ground wire with Mr. Bones or because I spun the thing around too much changing bulbs and dusting it (see, I knew no good ever came from too much cleaning! ).

Whichever it was - or even something over which I had no control - it is broken. My SIL tried to rewire it for me but it couldn't be done easily so I opted for a new fixture. I am very impatient and not one to do a lot of comparison shopping. Nor did I want to shop online - I like to see and touch what I am buying. So, I headed to Lowes and when I didn't find anything there, I was off to Home Depot. I actually found several at Home Depot that I liked but this one spoke the loudest...

Now I am just waiting on same SIL to come over and hang it for me.

BTW, did you notice the popcorn still on the ceiling under where the ceiling medallion fits? I had almost forgotten that horrible stuff used to be in here. My daughter and I spent 2 full days scrapping off that stuff and then I spent another 2 days doing the same thing in our kitchen. I finally decided to start scrapping our bedroom but had forgotten that I had painted that ceiling so the paint stops the popcorn from dissolving with a spray of water and makes it nearly impossible to remove - at least for me. I still want to tackle the living room but this is a super, super messy project. The two rooms that I have done successfully have wood floors but the furniture is wood as well so keeping it fairly dry wasn't too difficult. The living room not only has wood floors but all of the upholstered furniture. I know it could be done, but with even more effort than it usually takes and, so far, I just don't have the inclination. Besides, after 41 years in this house (yikes), I am starting to get attached to the glitter mixed into the popcorn in the LR.

Hopefully it won't be long until I can post this finished project. Can't you just see it? Stay tuned.

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