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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

What Came Over Me??!

Must be spring fever. I really don't know what came over me! I'm blaming it all on Pinterest!  I have said many times before that I am not the world's best baker. Everyone knows I am not good at measuring. I am the first to admit that. That being said, when I do bake I think I try too hard. Since I am not much of a sweets person, I usually only bake when I am having someone over. But, I DO love pastries...and lemon...and so, when I saw this recipe (from blog) for lemon blueberry scones cross my Pinterest page, I put it in my file. And then, when I was shopping the other day, I grabbed up some fresh blueberries...and the rest, as they say, is history.

These were very easy to make. The cold butter was actually totally cut into the dough using the paddle attachment of my stand mixer and it worked PERFECTLY. So much easier than using a hand-held pastry cutter! This recipe made 8 pretty large scones. I tasted one and I'm glad I did. They're good but there are a few tweaks I will make the next time I make them-and I will make them again. They need a bit more lemon in the scone itself but the fresh lemon glaze is delicious! Never under estimate the value of fresh lemon juice and zest! Just need to know someone is coming to help me eat them or I will really be waddling soon!

Since I have already made my 4th of July craft for this year-and, there are NO others on the horizon that I am dying to do, I have actually found myself looking at Halloween ideas. Remember, I do like to get my Halloween craft and gift ideas done over the summer so I have more time to enjoy the holiday! I'll let you know where this crazy road leads! Stay tuned.

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