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Sunday, May 20, 2018

"The Devil's in the Details"

For all intent and purpose, the family room is done! This room, I think, more than most of my others truly epitomized "the devil is in the details". Believe it or not, the painting of the room kind of seemed like the least of it-kind of. It was still a BIG paint job and I was thrilled to have that done but as I went to put the room back together, lots of small details seemed to loom.

I know it seems silly but just getting the surround sound speakers moved and rewired was a triumph! I love my gets me moving and I have missed having it "surround" me!

And then there was a spot just a little too "empty". I wasn't sure what it needed but then I realized it needed some "life". I like to try to have a live plant in every room. Sometimes the lack of natural light makes that challenging but I "shopped" my house and brought the plant stand from the dining room in. Then it was a "simple" matter of moving the entertainment unit a few inches and I loved the results.

Since my daughters moved around some of the furniture, I was missing side tables next to the chairs. I like to have a surface next to each sitting area so everyone has a spot to put down a drink or plate. I tried to use the same small tables that I had had in this room previously, but everyone's eye kept going back to one that just didn't look right. We all like the table-just not in this room any more. And so, I once again searched the house. I have a set of three nesting tables in the sunroom that come in handy when the kids want to eat on the couch while watching a movie but I was willing to give up the two smallest ones-except for the fact that they are green. And, believe it or not, that green just STOOD out like a sore thumb! And so started another one of those "devilish" projects. You all know that I am not very fond of preparation. I usually want to just get going. And that is what I planned to do again. I am not the biggest fan of wicker-which is what is on the top of these tables-so with a can of my favorite oil rubbed bronze paint in my hand, I was set to go...until, decorator daughter convinced me to leave the top alone. Apparently, wicker (and texture) are all the "thing" right now. And so, I took to one of my least favorite jobs-masking off the part that was supposed to stay unpainted. Yikes. Something that sounds so simple took forever!

It is hard to believe that this simple solution was all I needed to make me happy with these tables. And, I'm glad I left the top natural because the small, round table on the other side of the room has a wood top with metal legs and they totally complement each other!  And so, except for maybe a spot touch-up here or there, we are done and I love it so much. The room needed an update. It is now bright, light and airy and just what the "doctor ordered"!

Thought I would give you an update on Presley's castle project. We finished it on Thursday...which was no easy task! This child reminds me so much of her mother (daughter #3). She definitely has a mind of her own. For whatever reason, even though she no longer wanted to enter her castle in the "edible" category, she insisted on embellishing it with candy! And, she truly had her own thoughts of where said candy was to go. I wish I had taken a picture of the sides and back because that is where she got truly "creative" but, it was her project and supposed to be done by her, so we went with it. Just for clarification (because that phone picture is horrible), the candy you see is Neccos, candy dots, peanut butter logs and Juicy Fruit gum sticks...and lots of hot glue!!

Apparently she wasn't the only one who thought it was the greatest. She came home with this! I'm really so proud of her because this truly was HER project!

 And then I got to spend some time in Gainesville helping grand daughter #3 celebrate her 19th birthday! Always so much fun getting to have family time!!

 This week is the last award ceremony of the year. Time seems to go so fast these days. And then I think I've come up with my next project. Details soon. Stay tuned.

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