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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Give It to Mikey...

...he'll eat anything! Remember that old commercial? The catch phrase was "give it to Mikey. He'll eat anything". Well, in our house, it is "give it to Nana. She can fix anything". And, I've got to say, that over my many years, I have done a pretty good job of just that. Somehow, my perfectionism (which I truly didn't "own"-or even realize I had-until very recently) forced me to not only put back together but then "fill in all of the pieces" no matter what. I have glued together broken ceramics many, many times. And then, I fill in the pieces with caulk, glue, spackle...whatever works before laboriously mixing paints to match the missing pieces just perfectly. I will say that many times you really can't even tell that there was a break.

I have also fixed many a Blankie. I think I have posted about this before. When our first grand daughter was born, one of her gifts from us was a Blankie with her name monogrammed on the front. She loved this thing and it became a CONSTANT companion! And so, when grand daughter #2 came into the world, the "tradition" had to continue. We have gone on to give all seven of our grand children (as well as children and grand children of all of our friends) one of these special gifts at birth and I have gone on to replace many an eye, nose or blanket binding. They rubbed on this satiny binding so much that they literally wore it away. Of course, a few dog "nibbles" have added to my to-do list but none quite so much as this time!! After Caitlin left the last time, this is what I saw when I went into my office!! What's a Nana to do?

I actually still have a bag of eyes and noses in my sewing basket but there is literally NO fabric left to even begin to catch around the features. I might be able to stitch an under-lining of some stronger fabric but I'm truly not holding out much hope. I actually have a spare Blankie on one of the kids' bunk beds that was made before the birth of a friend's little girl (according to all ultra-sounds) who turned out to be a little boy and I had to buy another. I'm wondering if Caitlin would be OK with a complete head total transplant!?

This one really has me stumped. But, as you know, I like a project. Wonder if they're doing head transplants on Nanas these days too-it might help me come up with a solution. Stay tuned.

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