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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

And Still They Come!

If you have not read my last two posts, I have been reminiscing about some of my all-time favorite DIYs that I have done over the many, many years that we have lived in our home - 45 to be exact. We bought this house as it was being built and I wish I had taken pictures. Back then we took pictures of people not rooms or food. Luckily, I can see backgrounds of old pictures that remind me too well what this house looked like when we bought it.

We lived right down the street and used to take walks up here every evening after dinner. One night we bumped into the contractor and a deal was struck for us to buy the house upon completion. The only problem was that he was building 3 houses on our circle for the parade of homes and he would not deviate on his plan for what he wanted to present to the public. Our house was supposed to be his rendition of "French Country" although I now know that is ludicrous!

In any case, we had a brand new 4 bedroom home and I was thrilled. Each of our girls had their own bedroom and I set out decorating - and re-decorating!!! Except for a ceiling or two, there is LITERALLY not one thing that remains the same about this house! If you looked at a before and after, you might not recognize it to be the same house! Oh look, I actually found these two sort of decent pictures so you might see what I am saying. We started here:

And ended here. If you look very carefully to the far left, you can see where the garage is now. Sorry but the sun is brutal out there right now and you know I'm not the most patient person. Lol

But, I digress. Not sure how I always end up down that "road" but anyone who has not known us for the last 45 years thinks I am exaggerating when I tell them about the differences! The list goes on forever: new windows, new driveways, garage now familyroom, fireplace added, new garage, new roof, hardwood floors in living areas, slate floors in sunroom, patio to screened porch to sunroom and office addition, pool, gazebo, brick sidewalks, new finish on house (brick on front-stucco on other 3 sides), kitchen reno, both bathrooms renovated, bay window added to the master bedroom, appliance changes several times, changed all plain interior doors to paneled doors and knobs to levers, color changes many, many times...and then all of the new wood finishes (crown, base, door and window trim) and the extra decorative touches!!! I have touched EVERY square inch of this house. It may not have all of the lovely new things that the new "McMansions" have, but it is home and I love it.

And so, I guess that is where I started this post -three posts ago. Lol I do have a few more favorites to share so let me get off of my soap box and move along!

My brother and sister-in-law are always good sports when I get a "bee in my bonnet" and know I'm going to do "it" but just need some help with the "heavy" lifting-and measuring!!

Another favorite that makes me smile every time I walk in one of these rooms is the addition of the wood moldings around the windows and doorway. I know this project can be done with beautiful trims...but, have you ever priced those trims? Not to mention the fact that it takes WAY more footage than you would ever dream. And so, with me being on a tight budget, Pinterest has helped me learn less expensive ways of getting the same effect-sort of.

I always wanted wood trim around our windows and doorways. Every time we added on a room, if a window was involved, we had it installed at the time. But, we never went back to the living room or dining room. So one day...and the rest is history. We simply bought inexpensive 1X4s and 1X2s and with my SIL's measuring once technique, we got the impact I wanted. It is not a difficult project at all but takes some thinking ahead...again, so glad my SIL was here! On this one, I will admit that my brother and I were kind of "dumb and dumber" But, we were cheap labor so in the end, it all came out!

I don't know how something so simple can make me so happy. I think it just might be the pop that the white paint gives the window against the wall.

And then my brother and sister-in-law were in on another of my hair-brained ideas...the trellis over the garage door. I get into a lot of trouble perusing Pinterest!

Every time I drive up this driveway, I smile. Believe it or not, by December these beauties were all the way up the trellises and going across the top. And then came the winter of 2017!! I didn't cover the bougainvilleas as I truly thought they were indestructible in Florida but, apparently not, as they froze all of the way back. The one on the right started coming back awhile ago but I really thought the other one was a goner...until I noticed some tiny little green leaves and it is now making a nice come back. Sadly, they are not even as tall as they were when we planted them but I am fertilizing and have high hopes!

And while we're here, another no-brainer favorite of mine is the addition of the garage door "hardware". So inexpensive but I just love the detail it adds.

As you can probably tell, I could go on and on...I HAVE gone on and on! But I really love doing these projects around my home. They keep me busy...but not necessarily out of trouble! Which brings me to my next post. Yes, I already have it planned. It will be entitled "50 Shades of Gray". Intrigued yet? Come back soon and stay tuned.

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