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Friday, May 4, 2018

The Best of the Season...

...and the rewards of hard work!

Spring is my second favorite season. It is usually pretty short-lived in Florida so, when it is here, we tend to cram as much living into it as we can. This years has been the exception. We have had a long, extended perfect spring...beautiful temperatures during the day with cool breezes and cooler nights to keep my pansies and mums happy and blooming away! It is kind of crazy because the mums have usually died back by now but our much colder winter must have given them all new life! I literally still have this:

within a few feet of these:

It's crazy out there but so many things are blooming. I have done a fair to middlin' job of keeping all of the weeds at bay and things neatly trimmed so it is time to sit back a bit and reap the rewards. Because it is so hard to be indoors in this beautiful weather, I have turned my attentions to doing some outdoor decorating and establishing some comfy outdoor rooms...within parameters!

I have always wanted to add a pergola "roof and walls" around the extra patio we added and then hang the corners with drapes. Something like this:

Every time I come even close to starting this project, I remind myself once again that I do live in Florida. And, as much as I relish that fact, I know it means lots of rainy days and humidity. As much as I love this area, unless one is committed to bringing the cushions and drapes in and out every time you need them and then are done needing them - not to mention finding room to safely store them in between - they will not continue to look like this for very long. And so, thus far, I have been able to compromise. So that brings me to here:

I was going to lunch with a friend yesterday and she asked if I would mind if she made a quick stop at Wal-Mart. She was making a costume for her grandson's "wax museum character" and, since I was to be helping Presley make a castle for her "Tale of Despereaux" project and needed a few things as well, off we went. While there, I decided to see if I couldn't find just a bit more outside decor without breaking the bank. I already bought the new chaise cushions as we sit on these things all of the time and comfort is a necessity. Since we don't sit on the extra patio as often, chair cushions are not a necessity out there for the above reasons but a throw pillow behind your back definitely can't hurt! The taupe ones are a bit better quality and hence, a bit more expensive but still not PB prices. Lol

I also wanted a bit of color but there were none that I liked...that is, until I turned a corner and happened upon a huge bin of $5 outdoor pillows. I am not naive enough to think they will last long but all I'm really asking for is the next few months when this part of our house is used as - if not more - often than the inside!

And then, after moving around some hanging plants, I ended up with an extra shepherd's hook. It isn't tall enough to hang a regular bird feeder so I found a "petite" hummingbird feeder to add over here. I have many hummingbirds outside of the sunroom so I'm hoping this might coax a few over here for my afternoon viewing pleasure!

And, as you can see, it is time to get some more herbs out there. But, this year I am going to do some of the herbs in large pots instead of the ground. Once again, the fact that I live in Florida comes into play. The really hot temperatures stress the herbs by July so I am hoping this way I can let them have all of the sun they want in the morning and then just a simple move to the other side of the brick walk while I am watering later in the day will keep them from getting scorched...we shall see.

The more I am out here, the more I go back to thinking that maybe that curtain draped pergola is a good idea. Who cares about the humidity and rain. Hummm, definitely something to think about. I'm off to grab my book and some water and sit and ponder. Who knows?! Stay tuned.

Just an aside. Here is as far as we got yesterday on Presley's castle. This one has a mind of her own. She knew what she wanted and Mom and Nana were just there to wield the Exacto knife and hot glue gun. Next week all of the finishing touches will be applied.

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