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Monday, May 7, 2018

A Few of My Favorites-Part 2

OK, so my next favorite thing (although I really can't put any of these in order - I'm posting about them because I love them all ) is my "laundry room" reno" with those fabulous barn doors. I LOVE these doors so much. My heart truly skips a beat every time I walk into the family room...and forget about opening them and seeing the "laundry"! SIGHHHH

I love this project because it really was done on a budget - except, of course, for the hardware...which was a gift from our girls! We just bought inexpensive 1X4s and a good quality plywood and went to work. Thank goodness for help from my brother and sister-in-law - especially when it came to the measuring and planning out - never my forte!! Again, except for the hanging of the hardware - which did take a professional because of the size and weight of this project - this project took about a day and a half from buying the wood to hanging the doors! I CAN NOT even begin to tell you how much I LOVE sliding these things open and closed compared to the bi-folds that used to be here and constricted my movement when using the washer or dryer and consistently fell on me if I even gave them the slightest "nudge".

Then, after I had these beauties on the outside, I could no longer handle the "ugly" of the inside. Again, I spent very little more than a LOT of sweat equity on this re-do and I can almost say that I now enjoy doing my wash!

Since this family room was once our garage, the washer and dryer were already at home here. We did look into building a new laundry room but since that would have involved removing yet more huge oak trees as well as MUCH plumbing, we decided we could live with it where it was. And now that it is so much prettier, I couldn't be happier! Again, another fairly simple DIY project!

Here is what it looks like today adorned with the antique rug beaters and wash board gifted me by my SIL. EVERY time I open these doors, I smile!!

And speaking of another simple, inexpensive re-do that happened almost without me thinking about I recall, it was a Saturday morning and my husband was off to work. I was just itching for a project and remembered something I had seen on Pinterest. Everyone was posting about framing their old "builder's" bathroom mirrors...and boy did we have a big one. It was the entire length of our double vanity in the main bathroom that all three of our girls shared. I had already removed the single vanity sized mirror in our master bath and replaced it with a pretty hanging mirror but this one was so big and so tightly adhered that I was afraid that if I just yanked it off, I would need some extensive dry wall repair...and that wasn't in my budget 0f $0.

And so, off to the garage I went. I literally found wood and molding left over from some other project, a can of stain and a tube of silicon adhesive. Yep, that was all it took! And we went from this:

Look closely and you will see my very "professional" method of holding the frame up while the glue dried. At least I used decorating books. Lol

To this:

This project literally cost nothing - again, just things I had around and my time. And, I think, made a huge difference.

While we are talking about no-cost projects, my signs come into mind. Almost every one of these signs was made from wood I had around or very inexpensive purchases. I know I have more but these are the ones that came most quickly to mind!

Can you tell I not only love a sign but a free project as well?! And, of course there are the porch signs:

Thanks to Pinterest and PB  and Ballard Design and Grandin Road catalogs, I almost always have some inspiration. As you know, I love my projects and ones that don't break the bank are even better! I'm going to stop this post now as I find I have many more "favorite things" to share. But they will be for another day. Stay tuned.

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