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Monday, September 28, 2015

Moving Along

Today we are heading into the dining room. I managed to get the guest rooms and sun room done yesterday so today all that is on my decorating to-do list is to get the backyard finished. I like to have the holiday feel out there as well because we do a lot of outdoor activities at our kids' and family parties as well as "spilling" out there for seating when there is no more room in the house...and, in the evenings around a fire. But, I digress!

Back to the house...

I still love my pig! Apparently, I am now totally the minority on this issue but it is my house and my pig, so he stays. As a matter of fact, now that I am looking at this picture, I realize he is missing his boa-tweaking to come!

This is still a room that I have trouble with. I am thinking about making a HL run and buying some of their glittery Halloween picks, sticking them into the dough bowl full of "realistic" pumpkins and replacing this centerpiece. I think maybe the proportions are what is off for me. Lately I have been decorating with larger items...I'll let you know.

And, still having trouble here. Daughter #1 suggested that I paint the walls behind the shelves. That is how it used to be and I wanted a change but she may be right. Now if I only knew what color???!

This lamp that I made is another of those things that I haven't used in a few years but I thought I would try him here and I think I like him.

Pumpkin man is back also. For whatever reason, I didn't hang him last year but I must have known in my soul that he would return because when I painted this room, I left the nails that he hangs from "just in case".

So that is the dining room as it stands. I have some time to "live" with it so changes may happen but for now, I am happy it is done. Heading out to the backyard. More to come. Stay tuned.

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