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Saturday, September 26, 2015


So once again, the "pumpkin" bug struck. I needed to have more pumpkin in my autumn! I didn't want to make any of my go-to pumpkin recipes so I decided to try a recipe I pinned from daughter #1. It came from a site named "Platter Talk". It is a "sticky pumpkin caramel cake" made in a slow cooker. Yep, a slow cooker.

I thought the sticky, caramel part of the recipe name came from some magic that happened in the crock pot. After reading through the whole thing I realized that the caramel comes from a jar poured on after the cake was done. Nothing really magical about that.

The recipe went on to say that the cake was also delicious with just ice cream, whipped cream or even plain. Since neither hubby nor I really love sweet, sweet things, I decided to go for the whipped cream. Was there ever any doubt which way I would go?

This cake gets put together in a mixer just like any other cake. Then, it gets spread in the slow cooker and set to go.

Here it is just starting...

...and here it is two hours later.

It sits in the pot for ten minutes and then gets turned out on to a plate to cool a bit. The cake can be served warm, room temperature or cold so pick your preference.

...only to be covered in yummy whipped cream and quickly devoured.

 This cake was really good-it was extremely light and definitely not too sweet. It didn't have quite the "pumpkin punch" that I was hoping for so if I make it again, I might amp up the spices. That being said, I'm not exactly sure why you would make it in a slow cooker for two hours instead of just baking it in the oven for half of an hour. I guess if you were leaving the house and wouldn't be there to take it out of the oven??? You still have all of the same mess to clean up but, this was really a nice way to end a meal-yet another pot of yummy homemade soup that I can't stop from preparing this time of year-so I might do it again. In any case, it was a first for me. I have never made a cake in the slow cooker in all my years so a guess I can check one more thing off of my bucket list-lol. More Halloween to come. Stay tuned.

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