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Thursday, September 17, 2015


...or "why won't Nana stop taking so many pictures?"

I get a bad rap-I really do! I am always the one making everyone stop the fun long enough for pictures. I almost always get something but I will admit, sometimes I am more successful than others! Yet, I persist. And, this morning is just the reason why. I didn't get a digital camera until 2007 and that is when I began downloading my pictures in themed files to my computer. Before then, I took tons of pictures. And I printed tons of pictures...some of them have actually made their way into scrapbooks. But, unless I am specifically looking for something, I very rarely peruse these pictures.

On the other hand, I am always going back over my digital pictures. It is so easy to do and they hop up right before my eyes. That is just what I was doing this morning...and these pictures bring back so many memories.

For many years, I was the family costume seamstress. The years I made all of the kids' costumes as well as mine and hubby's, I made as many as 9 costumes. These days, the older kids like to get their own costumes together so I have much less to a matter of fact, so far this year, it is only one for Presley and then ours. They must be feeling sorry for these old eyes these days.

In any case, I dug up some of our "witch" photos (apparently a year or two we didn't do the hats) and the pictures of the kids in costume with my husband and me. I love to see how they have changed every year-although I am totally ready for all of them to stop growing up right now! Blog warning: MANY pictures to follow. You are lucky these are just my digital pictures...some day I might have time to go through all of my photos-something to look forward to-lol.

As I said, some of us look better than others in these pictures but I still love looking at them over and over. I just found out that EVERYONE is going to be able to make the family party again this year. Thinking this might be our last chance as Caitlin may be going to school out of state next year! I am beside myself with joy...and they better be ready! You can be sure Nana will be wielding her mighty camera fast and furiously this year once again! Stay tuned.

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