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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Keeping it all Straight!

As I post, I have four files going for Halloween this year! Yes, you heard me, real, honest-to-goodness, made from and full of, paper files. I truly love Pinterest...I really do. It is a true fount of ideas. But, once I know I have an idea I want to use, I either print it or pull it if it is in a magazine. I still like to leaf through ideas at my leisure to compare and I will invariably change my mind a dozen times.

I am also the queen of list making. I make lists for everything. And, if they are lists of menus, craft or game ideas that I have used, I keep them also. It helps me know what worked and what didn't and also helps me remember things that were so much fun we just HAVE to do them again.

And so, this year's files-so far-are for costumes, our family Halloween party, my teacher Halloween open house and our Halloween weekend with the kids. Some of the ideas will be unique to just one gathering and others may find their way into more than one.

The kids have asked me so may times about some of these things that even though I really don't like to repeat ideas, some are just worth the do-over! I am planning on doing the exploding bags again this year... well as the pumpkin play-dough...

...the jello worms...

...the Cheeto head game...

...doughnuts on strings...

...and yes, they love their bobbing for apples!

I have sooo many food ideas-both for the kids and for my adult party. This is a new experience for me because there are always children at my festivities so I am having fun finding a few ideas that are a little more grown-up.

My files are getting fuller and fuller by the minute. I am SO ready to begin my decorating. It really won't be too much longer because there are so many things already on the October calendar that I want to be foot loose and fancy free to enjoy! Stay tuned.

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