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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

And So It Starts!

My very generous husband has so graciously "shared" his cold with me so last night, between a cough and a sore throat, I just could not sleep. I decided not to waste the hours and began my Halloween plan of attack 2015! I actually realized that I need to get started now if I want to be totally ready for our kids' weekend on October 3. My plan is to start in the living room...and, I really don't think I will be changing up a lot. I just finished looking back over last year's pictures and I like most of what I did. No sense fixin' it if it ain't broke!

The only real difference this year is that I am thinking more along the adult entertaining lines. I am hosting a "teacher" open house for many of the people I used to work with. It is just one big, open invitation and could be as few as 7 or as many as 30. We never really ask for rsvps because a lot of people come straight from school and may get tied up one way or another or they still have children, so babysitters, activities, etc. can change their plans.

But, the one thing I do know is that if the group is large, we will want to make use of all of the "public" rooms in the house (not to mention spill over into the yard and patio and pool decking). That is a lot of "territory" to think about. I always remember when I fell head over heels enamored with Alexandra Stoddard. It all started with a book of hers called "Living a Beautiful Life". In a nutshell, she espoused creating beauty in all that you do...make your surroundings pretty. Everything she said made perfect sense to was as if we were "soul mates".

So I guess that was the long story to the short issue at hand. I am trying very hard to see my home as my guests would see it. I don't mean by decor but by "ease of function". Alexandra (and yes, I feel after buying and reading so many of her books we can be on a first name basis) was the first to recommend to me that I spend a night in my guest rooms. If I missed anything needed for a lovely stay, so would my guests. It really made me look at my surroundings in a way more than just decor. A room can look beautiful but not "work" as intended at all.

And so I find myself trying to imagine where anyone might choose to sit and if they did, where they could comfortably put a drink and plate of food. I have a set of nesting tables that I guess I will be pulling into play plus a number of ottomans and definitely some folding chairs...thank goodness Target had some on sale a few years back and we bought 6 "just in case"...and now the "just in case" has arrived!

I have started my 2015 decorating...2 days down and probably at least that many more to go. Here's a sneak peek. I am dying to share so stay tuned.

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