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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's the LITTLE Things

I think of this quote so often..."Enjoy the little things in life for some day you may look back and realize they were the big things." I guess I am old enough now that I truly believe this! I find so much of my joy in life these days "enjoying the little things". And that is the kind of week it is turning out to be.

Yesterday we were invited out to lunch by my brother and sister-in-law. We don't live in the same city so we don't get chances to get together near often enough. We had a lovely "catch-up" visit followed by lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and then a nice visit with daughter #3 and her kids. They had just gotten out of school so we got to hear all about their day, see all of the changes to the house decor and check in on the size of their chickens. They are growing so quickly and should start laying eggs any time soon...and by the price of eggs these days, it can't be soon enough!

Today I am catching up.

One of the last areas I remember to dress for the season is always our bedroom. I just walked in there and realized it was still all pretty in spring so, out with the spring and in with the autumn...and this will have to do for winter as well. I will tie some fresh pine boughs with ribbon onto the posts of the bed and call it a day. I did actually have Christmas bedding at one time but even I thought that was a bit excessive so someone else is enjoying those lovelies these days.

As I look at these pictures, I am reminded that maybe it is time for some kind of an intervention in this room. I didn't "stage" it at all. This is how we live in here but maybe it could use a bit of a perk-up!

The next little thing for today was my decision to make a big, old pot of my hubby's favorite soup. He has a terrible cold-the first one he has had in years!!!- so I thought this might taste good to him. It is full of fresh veggies as well as lentils, barley and potatoes...and so delicious. And healthy too as long as you don't down it with huge hunks of artisan bread slathered in butter-but who would do that??

And as if that wasn't enough...look what appeared at my doorstep just now.

I ALWAYS love visitors that look like this! And, inside... long awaited dungeon keys for my witch vignette! Doesn't every home need them?? I will have to wait a bit for my creepy attic light. It will not ship until Oct. 12!!

So, I am a happy camper today. So many little things to appreciate in my life-the list really could go on and on! I am grateful! Stay tuned.

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