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Monday, September 7, 2015

"Make Me an Offer"...

...too good to refuse! I use this expression frequently. Usually it is when my hubby wants to go out to eat or to buy himself something and I see a way that I can "have my cake and eat it too" to speak. This is usually when I wangle a trip to a favorite store-or mall-and a new little treasure for me along the way! But, I digress-haha!

Today, my offer came quite unexpectedly-and not by my hubby. I was actually sitting in the sun room with my feet up getting ready to write a few long- overdue letters when I heard an email come in on my phone. Usually, I don't check emails but "something" just drew me to the phone to check this one! And boy am I glad I did. It came from Grandin Road and they were offering 30% off of one item today-and, I had a code for free shipping from a previous order. Of course, this is the day that you wish you wanted something REALLY expensive-like the two little treasures I treated myself to a month ago; but, I am always afraid to wait because sometimes their things sell out quickly so I order before these "too good to pass up" offers come in.

In any case, there were two way less expensive things that I have had my eye on so today was the day...

Gotta love online shopping! In just a few minutes, these little goodies are on their way to me! I have actually been looking for a set of dungeon keys just like this for some time...I know, I know, NO house is complete without just such a thing-haha. But, I want to have them near my witch vignette. I saw one last year advertised at Michaels but none of our local stores got them-believe me, I tried and then they were gone!

And, that creepy attic light. Can't you just see it swaying back and forth somewhere (?) in my house. I can't wait! I am like the proverbial kid running out to check the mailbox every day...except that in this modern age of online shopping there is also such a luxury as "tracking"...I will know where these goodies are at every moment. Ah, maybe there IS something good to be said about technology! That and blogging! Stay tuned.

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