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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Be Still My Heart!

O.K. Everyone by now must know that I am definitely on the far side of 30, 40, 50, O.K., O.K....let's just say I have been around for awhile. That being said, you would think there wouldn't be many things left in this world that would make me truly giddy but apparently there still are!

I can't stop looking at this!

Since I haven't shared the family room decor yet, you would not know that this is my latest "tweak". My last Grandin Road order just arrived. It is the creepy attic light and was so much more than I expected. It really looks like one of those old, creepy lights that hangs in an old, cobweb filled attic. When I opened it, I knew exactly where it had to go. It hangs over all of the pictures of our "dearly departed " and blinks, shines and fades enough to cast just the perfect spell over this area. I LOVE it. In fact, if there are any left at the end of the season and they go on sale, I will be buying more!

Now that I have whet your appetite, let's see the rest of this room.

Here is the full fireplace BCAL (before creepy attic light). Don't you see that it was crying out for that extra little touch? Ahhhh!

And here is my spooky clock. Can't wait to turn this on this weekend and see how many people I can scare make aware of its existence!

I TRULY have about every flat surface in this house that is not covered with Halloween decor covered with Halloween photos! I so love looking back at the kiddos over our many past adventures!

Still one of my favorite knock-offs. I really love this wreath. There are some really great wreaths out there this year as well just waiting to be "knocked-off" but, alas, there is not one more open spot anywhere-I mean anywhere-on which to hang it if I made it.

Big doings this weekend. We have the Heart Walk followed by the kids' Halloween at Nana and Papa's...can't wait. I will be back to share. Be still my heart! Stay tuned!

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