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Saturday, October 10, 2015


I hope there are some of you out there who will understand. I am one of those people who have to be "ready" to start any project that I might have waiting. ..and, I like full days in which to work! Which (full days), by the way, are really few and fair between around here. I can't just steal a few minutes here and a few minutes there. I like to start working and just keep going until I am done!

That being said, the projects that are looming the largest these days are the creating of this year's Halloween costumes. I think I have mentioned how for years I made all of the grand children costumes that I was asked to make-plus hubby's and mine. As I sat leafing through the costume pattern books the other day, I realized there are not many that I have not done over the years-some day I will have to do a post of some of my favorites-but, I digress.

This year all I have on my plate in this area is a costume for Presley (and just what this costume is is a guarded secret until the big reveal) and hubby's and mine. Ours doesn't even involve any sewing this year BUT, it will take quite a bit of time. Presley's would have been super, simple if we could have just found a pattern but, as often happens, she found a costume in some "fancy-schmancy" catalog that cost a month's salary so Nana is going to try to reproduce it for her.

I enjoy sewing-sometimes-but, I am not really anywhere close to being a seamstress. I can usually find my way through any pattern BUT, I can not make a pattern or do a very good job when alterations are needed. I will be flying by the seat of my pants this year as I put together some things from thin air. Anyone who does not sew doesn't really understand the intricacies of how fabric falls, seams must meet, etc. I'm not complaining, I'm just coming up with any excuse I can find to wile away the time before I HAVE to get started. Maybe it is just the knowledge that these kids think their Nana can make or fix ANYTHING! I like to try but with my eyes getting older and my hands getting clumsier, success is not always guaranteed! We shall see.

So, in the mean time, let me tell you about my week. We will skip the two days of plumber visits, the carpet cleaning-which always involves SO much moving of things on my part because, quite honestly, I just have a LOT to move before the poor guy can even see the carpet- and a 2 1/2 hour wait for an oil change-again, my fault because I ALWAYS let them wash and vacuum my car for me-one less thing on my "try-to-avoid-doing-at-all-costs" list...we could have been out so much faster but, oh well. In any case, we did have one fabulous get-away day this week. We headed down to "The Barn" in Lake Alfred. It is one of our favorite day trips-especially this time of year!

I love meandering through his place. They have five distinct buildings or areas: the garden shed (pretty self explanatory-all things garden related-plants, pots, flags, decorations, etc.), "Seasons" (a beautiful shop chock full of all things for the current and around the corner season or holiday), the Back Porch Restaurant (with so many choices of a picnic basket lunch-always including seasonal favorites- served in one of the "back porch" areas), the Stable ( another gorgeous shop full of beautiful, traditional decor and entertaining ideas and always also rounded out with seasonal goodies) and then, the Barn (full of beautiful, large and rather expensive European antiques).

I have found many of my most loved Halloween pieces in Seasons but figured that this year, unless they had something "over-the-moon, can't live without", I was just going to enjoy browsing-and perhaps stealing borrowing some of their decorating ideas. But, as usually happens, I spied a candelabra that was a bit different from the fairly large number that I already have. It was nestled in a corner of a Halloween display and was barely still flickering but it had mercury glass candles and I knew I had to have one.

So, armed with the display, I headed to the counter to see if they had one in a box-silly, question-of course they do! After bringing it up to the register, the sales lady says she wants to put in some batteries to make sure it works and when she does, the heavens opened and my mouth dropped. Not only did the "flame" begin to flicker so much brighter, but the whole mercury glass candle was also lit from the bottom! Don't know why these things "talk" to me like they do, but right then and there I knew I needed not one, but two!

I was going to use real candles in the middle of the serving table for my party but thought that might be an issue with people milling around, reaching over, etc. This was the perfect flame and no cords. It was meant to be!!

This is not where they will be staying but I just had to get a picture of these gorgeous, glowing creations! I love them! Need I say more?

O.K., no more procrastinating. I am off to start cutting fabric and pray the pieces I create will fit together to make one very special little girl feel like a "princess"-sort of. Stay tuned.

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