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Monday, October 12, 2015

Almost Done!

Wow! What an adventure the last three days have been! I am now done with all of the machine sewing on Presley's costume. I wish I could show it to you but no one (except Nana and Papa) can see it before the big reveal. It has been a challenge to say the least. I had to do a LOT of jerry-rigging because P picked a costume for which I could not buy a pattern so I had to take bits from several costumes and then just make up other pieces as I went.

Thank goodness I don't sleep much these days because at 3 A.M. I started thinking about what I had done on the costume the first two days and where I would need to start up this morning to get it finished before we head out of town early in the morning! As I was picturing the last seams I had done before calling it quits for the evening, I realized that I was doing the skirt all wrong. This was one of the things I was improvising and almost went so far there was "no return".

But, luckily I thought it through and the first thing I did today was rip out the seams I put in last night. And, I was able to salvage the costume! I still have much hand work to do but want to wait until P tries it on before I make the final commitment! I think it is looking like what she wants-we shall see!

So, before we head off for one of our favorite traditions of the season-the pumpkin patch and Scarecrow Row in Alachua with daughter #2 and her family, I thought I would show you a bit more of our tour. Not much left to show you.

Still have a few more tweaks to show you and a few more rooms before we can put a "period" on Halloween decor 2015. Can't wait until tomorrow-much fun and pampering in store as well as pumpkin picking. I know I will have a lot to share. Stay tuned.

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