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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The BIG Reveal!!

Every year our costume reveal is much anticipated. Everyone tries to keep theirs a secret until the very last moment. This year we were all so busy that I wasn't sure we would pull it off, but, pull it off we did!

Olivia was Theodore of the Chipmunks, Kristin was Remy from Ratatouille, Caitlin was a hunter and John "the hunted".

Becky's MIL was Sherlock Holmes, Todd and Becky were "Lego" My Eggo, Hannah was Alvin and Morgan was Simon of the Chipmunks.

Jennie and Elton were Jack and Jill AFTER the hill, Harrison was the Slasher, Hud was a farmer and Presley was a fairy godmother.

Hannah, Morgan and Liv were the Chipmunks.

Buzz and I were "Nerds"...what more is there to say?

Here we are with our seven grand children-plus one. With 5 grand daughters, I guess we had better get used to this!

The whole, crazy gang. I love this bunch and I love that they still find time in their oh so busy lives to go along with this tradition to make their old Nana one happy camper!!!

Tomorrow will be full of errands and Wednesday we are off to St. Pete to see some of the homecoming week activities as well as celebrate yet one more Halloween...I can't wait! Have I said how much I love this time of year?! Next post won't be for awhile but I know I will have many photos to share when we return. Stay tuned.

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