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Friday, October 16, 2015

Wrapping It Up

So I am really getting down to business today. In less than one week I am hosting two rather large Halloween events and I AM NOT READY! If they were both only family I would not be quite so obsessed but one is for people I used to work with who haven't been to my house in years-come to think of it, the last time it had a really good cleaning may have been for their last visit-lol.

I am doing what I talk about occasionally...looking at my house with "new" eyes. Things that I have looked at forever are finally being SEEN as they are...yikes! Time to hit the ground running! But, before I do, just a few more things to see.

Because all of our guest rooms will be full the weekend of the costume party, I like to put out some decorations in them as well.

After looking at these pictures, I realize that this is where I mostly use decor that has been around awhile and is not necessarily my favorite any more...but, it still looks good and brings a sense of celebration to these rooms as well.

I also just realized that this one bedroom is also the place where I store most of my "green" decor when it is not in use-like in October. There really is no rhyme or reason-another of those places where I put things and really don't "see" what it looks like until I try to show you my breath-taking decor! lol I really would never put these things together if this was anything but a guest room but I guess my theory is if it is green, it will go-at least for a bit until it has a turn to return to front and center in the public parts of the house! And, if you are staying in one of my guest rooms, I must know you and like you so hopefully you will cut me some slack.

When I looked at this picture, I realized that the little witch in the cross stitch I do many years ago looks just like the little ceramic witches that I did even longer ago-ahhh, serendipity!

I didn't include a picture of our last guest room. It is the grandkids' "dormitory" and right now is FULL of things I am anticipating needing for one or other of my parties. It also serves as my office and sewing room, so you can kind of guess why no pictures of this space are leaving my camera today. Suffice it to say it is decorated. The little kids spent last weekend here and they love it. Kid approved is always good.

The sun room is just about as it was last year...another place where I tend to put the displaced decor. But, I don't like to have a lot of elaborate decor  or vignettes in here because we use this space all of the time and it does get old constantly having to move things just to use a flat surface...even if it is Halloween!

I love this spot. Wish I had more time to spend there but when I do, I am in heaven!

We have a busy weekend and will be squeezing in chores in between so I will be missing in action for a few days but I will be back-and hopefully full of tales of all that I have accomplished since last we visited. Stay tuned.

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