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Monday, October 5, 2015

Double "Whew"!!

What a wonderful, busy, satisfying weekend we had! It started with the Great American Heart Walk. Thank goodness Mother Nature co-operated and we had a lovely, cool morning!

This is our team...yes, we are in there somewhere. We walked with the Ocala Health team from the Ocala Regional Medical Center. This is where my husband continues to work out after his bypass surgery and we feel like we are now a part of the "family". They take good care of both of us!

I love this picture. Ever since my husband had his surgery, daughter #2 and her girls have supported this cause in their home town. We were super excited they could be here with us today!

We all survived the walk and then were headed home for our 2015 Kids' Halloween weekend at Nana and Papa's. We were so happy this year to have Becky, Morgan, my brother and my sister-in-law here to help us for awhile...we get a lot done and extra helping hands are always welcome. Our first project of the day was getting our feet printed.

Harrison was so ticklish that just getting the paint on his foot was a job!

While our footprints were drying, we were off to make lunch. The first order of the day was to get those pesky worms out of their straw "molds"...and, that is not as easy as it sounds. I wish I had a recording of the conversations that accompanied this task!

The making of the cheesy witch fingers proved to be a simpler job.

Lunch is sandwiches, worms, witch fingers and wizard tongues...yum!

This is kind of hysterical because for whatever reason, this child wanted to do nothing but pose for pictures today when, just one week ago exactly, we could NOT get her into any pictures at her brother's football game and ended up taking pictures with the neighbor's child instead!

For dessert we made microwave s'mores using chocolate graham crackers, Nutella, marshmallow fluff and sprinkles. By the looks of this face, they were a success!

I love how hard these two are working to get the faces on their plastic bags just right even though they know they will be "blown up" in just a few minutes!

Our next project was our exploding ghosts and pumpkins. We've done this before and it is just a lot of messy fun!

The afternoon saw us getting ready for tonight's dinner. We made Dracula Dentures and if this picture doesn't scare you, nothing will!!

These mummy pizzas are so delicious and so much fun to make. The kids can literally do them by themselves-there is no messing them up! They just cut into the dough along the sides (we use kitchen shears for the cuts), fill the middle (sauce, pepperoni and cheese for the guys, sauce and just cheese for us gals), "braid" the flaps and bake!

We love our cheesy celery stick mummies too. Believe it or not, they are filled with Kraft jar cheese (this year I used cheddar) and embellished with strips of string cheese with olive eyes. The kids can do these without much help either.

Dinner is served: monster pizza, cheesy celery stick mummies, witch fingers and green monsters with Dracula's Dentures and Halloween ice-cream for dessert!

Hudson was so proud of his plate he insisted I take a picture... the other two were too busy eating! lol
After dinner was cleaned up, some of us retired to watch "The Dog That Saved Halloween" while others of us watched that fabulous Gator game...always nicer when we win!!

Sunday morning saw Nana taking the "easy way out". Aunt Becky was able to find the Halloween cereal I had been looking for so instead of our usual ghost pancakes or scrambled eggs, grits and "witches' hats", I let them eat sugar-filled cereal-but, I did supplement it with fresh fruit and orange juice or milk.

Then, we took turns in the kitchen making Halloween soap. We are going to wrap these up real cute and give them as favors at our family Halloween costume party in just a few weeks!

I have never made soap in muffin tins before-and probably won't ever again-but, because I wanted all three to be able to make soap at the same time, I just bought very inexpensive tins at WalMart ($.88) and figured I would be tossing them when done any way. Even with my trick of putting the drying soaps into the freezer for a bit, I literally had to pound the bottom of the tins with a hammer to get the soaps released-good thing I had planned on tossing the tins all along!

The kids were all so proud of their shirts-each very different-and this one was especially proud of her candy proud that I think half of it was eaten within 5 minutes of taking this picture!

So 2015 Kids' Halloween is in the record books but still so much more fun awaiting us this month! Stay tuned.

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