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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Soup Is Good For the Soul

I live in Florida. I know that our winters aren't anywhere near as bone chilling as those up north, but to those of us with "thin blood", 31 degrees can be daunting!

We have had a few nights around that temperature although I will admit that it has warmed up pretty nicely every afternoon. In any case, this is when I am on the look out for comfort food. And, since my comfort food almost always involves carbs-and lots of them- I was looking for something a little healthier.

Have I mentioned how much I love Pinterest? I still like to peruse recipe books but time has been short of late. One trip to Pinterest and I found 2 soups calling out my name. The first is called "The Best Vegetable Soup". I think it must be a WW recipe because it says it is worth "2 points". I chose to make it because I am a vegetarian (well, I think I am more of a pescatarian but who cares). I truly LOVE vegetables. I really can't ever get enough. This soup has them all. And then, the recipe gives you permission to add any more that you want-although I guess when you are cooking you always have that option. I am one of those people who pretty much follow a recipe so I loved it that this soup even had brussel sprouts. I got even more wild and crazy and added in some cauliflower and spinach. It is delicious-especially when you are dunking a fresh cheese pesto ciabatta roll into it! With lots of butter! Told you I love those carbs!

The second recipe I tried was Tuscan Vegetable Soup-also delicious but very different. The first soup is tomato based. This one is not. It does have 1 fresh tomato.It also has cabbage along with celery, onions and carrots. Then, lots of fresh spinach and cannelloni beans. So good.

While these soups will warm my belly, I need the candles lit and a fire in the fireplace to really warm my soul. I guess I am not a gourmet of any kind. I really don't care much about what I am eating. It is all about the ambiance of where I am eating and who is with me. That truly makes the difference and a bowl of soup at home with my hubby at my side on a chilly evening can make it seem like all is right with the world. And so it is for the moment!

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