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Monday, January 16, 2012

Shall We Continue?

Moving on to the dining room, you can see the sugar mold is once again running down the middle of the table. I am still debating whether I want to add my red runner underneath it-what do you think? It is hard to see but there are some glittery hearts hanging from the chandelier. I have a number of those feathery-bead things that are meant to be wrapped around candles-and that is where I like mine-but I am thinking about adding them to the chandelier as well. We will see.

The hutch still sports some of the Christmas mercury glass. I like the feel of it-not to mention once again a no-brainer as I had less to pack away if this stays out. Again, trying to simplify a bit.

This is a frame that daughter #3 made me. She simply glued on conversation hearts and then gave them a spray of clear coat. She finished it off by adding a Valentine sentiment but you could use a photo. I wasn't sure how this would hold up but it has done fine. I do make sure that it gets stored in the house where the temperature is controlled as opposed to in the garage where it gets really hot in the summer!

I left the glitter shaker-photo holders that the girls made out because I like them. They were nothing more than a $ store salt shaker filled with inexpensive glitter-not MS this time- and decorated with a vintage valentine and twisted wire. They look very victorian to me.

No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to lessen my number of family photos. In fact, every year the number continues to grow as I keep adding more. I think it is a sickness!

I switched the niche up a bit this year. I put my winter branches into my red Southern Living olive jar and moved the banner I made down across the branches. I once again put out the little one's "hand hearts" and the vintage Valentines.

I still really like this vignette and it is one of the easiest things to do. I just cut the 14 out of black cardstock using my Cricut (but you could certainly free hand them ) and glued them on to a Valentine scrapbook paper and slipped them in a bargain frame. The February calendar was a download from the internet. How exactly did I ever decorate before I learned to print downloads??!

Still not happy with this so I will continue to play with it. It is the empty frame that I hung several months ago and up until now, I have found fun things to hang inside. I had a couple of ideas but all of the things I thought of were already happy somewhere else so I decided to try this. For some reason it is not "talking" to me! Don't know if the scale is off or what but I think I will be heading out soon to see if I can't find a fix for it! I'll let you know.

As you can see, I still like my glitter. There is just something about it for certain holidays. I have an idea or two perking and all I can say is that more glitter will be involved. I have a busy month ahead of me so I need to get my ideas finalized and get the crafting show on the road! Stay tuned.

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