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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

So Much Sweetness!

Oh sure, there's lots of sweetness on this plate, but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the sweetness in these three little people. I love that they love coming to Nana and Papa's house. And I love that they don't mind doing all of the silly things I think up. We finally got to put the sayings on our conversation hearts. We may not be ready to go into major candy production just yet, but we had fun getting this far. This really is a fun project to do with the kids. This year's batch included almond, mint, lemon, orange, cherry and vanilla-and our "taste testers" tell me they are pretty good-although I'm not sure how discriminating their taste is since they will eat just about anything that even looks like it might contain sugar!

In any case, if you are interested in trying this with your personal taste testers, the recipe can be found at or several other places on the internet but I think they're all pretty comparable. It is fun and if your little munchkins don't keep licking their fingers while they're working, these would make fun gifts for teachers, friends, etc. Let's just say that ours are sticking pretty close to home!

Still a bit more Valentine's to come-stay tuned.


  1. Those look "yummy"? I thought about those for my Girl Scouts but think that would be too time consuming. Any good craft ideas?

  2. You would definitely have to make them one day and then embellish another-but, they are fun! Why not check my Pinterest board for craft ideas. If nothing else, I always love giving them a fair sized chip board heart or Valentine Bingo card & letting them add on all sorts of fancy embellishments. Then hang with wire or a pretty ribbon. They are all different and look like Victorian valentines when they are done. We actually did this with our troop last year and I was amazed how "into it" they got. Kind of like making your own valentines when you were little.