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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Can Spring Be In The Air?

What a beautiful day-in so many ways! I was invited to another awards ceremony for my oldest grandson. It truly never gets old. I am always so proud to hear their name called and watch them walk across the stage to receive whatever the award of the day is. Today it was an accelerated reader medal and an honor roll certificate for Harrison. After the ceremony they hold a short reception out in the courtyard and the weather was absolutely picture perfect-in January! I know Mother Nature is just trying to lull us into that false sense of security when you rush outdoors and do all of your pruning only to wake up to freezing temperatures the next morning and all of your plants no longer going to bloom. I am trying so hard to resist temptation because I have been fooled so many times before but it is so hard! Everything needs a good trim. This morning I actually spied a new blue bloom on my hydrangea-I am not the only one to be confused!

And then, there are tulips everywhere you turn. I love all spring flowers but these red tulips just spoke to me the other day. They couldn't be more perfect to set the mood for Valentine's Day!

And while you're at it....take a look at the new white urn that the tulips are in. I was at Jo Anns the other day and saw this on a clearance shelf. It reminds me a bit of my favorite PB olive jar so I picked it up and looked at the price. It was 8.97. I looked for the SKU to see how much it originally sold for but it wasn't there. I still decided I wanted it so a few more things go into my cart and I am off to the cashier. Well, to make a long story short, the missing SKU was necessary for the cash register. The cashier called back and asked for someone to find anything of that price so he could have a SKU. Time went by and I just gabbed and joked with the guy. He kept apologizing and I kept saying "no problem". He finally told them to get him anything with a price that ended in 7 as apparently that denoted "clearance". When they finally got back to him and he plugged in the numbers, my urn rang up at 3.97. When I thanked him, he thanked me for being so patient...and I walked out of there with huge smile on my face. Now I REALLY wish I knew how much it originally sold for!

Spoiler Alert!!!! If you're on my gift list but you want to be surprised, now is the time to STOP reading this post.

I finally finished my Valentine crafts. I have told you before that an original idea never goes through my brain, so this year's crafts are my adaptations on the "Love Letter" bundle that I recently posted about and a hanging, stuffed heart I think I saw on a blog last year. Mine are actually a very loose adaptation as I had trouble finding the supplies I needed. I know you can't get a real good look at them in the above photo but I planned it that way so that those of you who shouldn't still be reading-but are- can still have a bit of a surprise when yours arrives at your house.

Still have a few Valentine tricks up my sleeve-stay tuned.

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