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Saturday, August 4, 2018

It's Who You Know

I love that two of my daughters are decorators. You see, I am the recipient of many of their "cast-offs" and I'm good with that. I have always tried to keep our home updated but nothing like these two. They change decor as often as I change clothes. My latest treasure is a lamp and it doesn't hurt that it is EXACTLY the lamp I would buy if I had been shopping and looking for...and needing...a lamp.

I am an admitted "lampoholic"! I have an affinity to lamps and have been known to buy them when I really don't know where they will go. That was the case here as well...but, since this one was free, you better believe I took it and knew I would find room for it somewhere. I tried a few other places on the path to this spot. I have never had a lamp here but, since we did remove a lamp from a side table close to this area when we did the reno, this part of the room could use some light. Once I tried it here, I knew the balance was perfect and it was meant to be. And, added bonus-I think I love everything here so much that I just might have another of my "permanent" vignettes where all I have to do is change the color of the candles and I am good to go! 

I am in the middle of a super fun, busy week. More family arriving today and then the rest tomorrow and my daughter's surprise birthday party. On Thursday, we went to grand daughter #5's party. All she wanted this year was a family party and then a trip to Jekyll Island for a few days.

Presley was particularly excited this year. By the time we got to these presents, she had already opened most of her others. This child is ALL about horses and her gifts reflected just that!

Before we even arrived, she had several little horses painted! Two of her favorite and horses! Perfect present!!

Because the horses she wants are so hard to find, I gave her this certificate with the promise she could pick out whatever ones she wanted online and I would order them. It was then that she told me that Rural King (a store pretty new to our area and, admittedly, one that I have yet to has a large selection. So now I have a date to pick her up as soon as I'm home from Tallahassee and she and I will see what we can find!

And she was moving so much when she figured out what was in this box that all of the pictures are blurry. Mom and Dad got her the stable she has wanted so badly and she really couldn't believe she was looking at it right in front of her. Of course, she does have several other stables...but, these horses come in varying sizes and so do their stables and like I said...she IS a horse girl!

And, I finally tackled this...remember? This is what I found after Caitlin's last visit here. Apparently her new puppy liked the flavor of "blankies"!

And here's what it looks like now. I can't say it's exactly brand new, but since he started with no eyes, nose or fabric, he's come a long way baby!

I'm off to get ready. Not sure when I'll be back but I'll bet I'll have lots to share. Stay tuned.

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