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Sunday, August 12, 2018

My Head's Still Spinning!

It has been a crazy but fun week with many things finally coming to conclusions and some new adventures just starting!

Little by little, my whole family trickled in last weekend-except daughter #3 and her gang who were all still at Jekyll Island. We finally got to put a period on daughter #1's 50th birthday. She was traveling in Europe on June 19 and celebrated over there with her daughters and daughter #3 but the rest of us have been waiting this long to do something for her. We planned a small, family surprise party but decided to just make it very simple. She loves Mexican food (and I had a lot of decorations left from past parties-lol) so, a fiesta it was!

We really had a nice visit with everyone and ended the night with a fierce game of Michigan rummy.

Grand daughter #3 stayed on one more night and joined us as we headed out apartment shopping the next day. Since she will be on her way back to her second year at Flagler at the end of this month, she was looking for a few cute dorm things as well. I wish all of the cousins lived in the same town. It is so much fun to see how much they enjoy each other. When we got home, the gang from Jekyll was home so they joined us for dinner.

The next morning, we squeezed ourselves into two VERY full cars and made our way to Tallahassee. We had a busy 3 days coordinating move ins, POD delivery, apartment painting and cleaning, shopping, putting together and installing, shopping, organizing and, did I already say shopping? I think we hit every store in Tally. Luckily, we had perfect weather. We didn't do any sight seeing this trip but I did snap a few random, from the moving car and in traffic, pictures. Lol In case you've never been there, this is the Florida state capitol building.

FSU football stadium.

And of course I acted totally like a tourist and went around taking pictures on my first visit to a World Market. I have seen so many people blog about them and I must say, I walked around like a kid in a candy shop-really a good thing there isn't one of these places closer to me!

I wish I had gotten some pictures of Caitlin's new apartment. She has the decorator gene in her so it is on its way to being totally adorable but, while we were there we were really busy arranging, moving, unpacking, cleaning, organizing, hanging shelves and rods, rearranging, etc.-honestly never thought about pictures.

When I got home on Thursday afternoon, I was greeted by this:

I must admit that I was beginning to doubt I would ever see water in this pool again! It's so pretty and came in super handy yesterday! You see, that part of my world was so torn up for more than a month that I just avoided that side of the yard as well. As soon as I had everything moved back into place, I could see the gardens...and the WEEDS! It took me pretty much all of yesterday to tackle all of the weeds and edging. Thankfully, the pool was there for cooling off dips in between.

After "Meet the Teacher" on Friday morning, my grand daughter and I set out to spend her birthday money. She is obsessed with horses and animals in general so we were off to find a long list of "Schleich" critters. They used to be available at Toys R Us but...

In any case, (who knew?), they are easily found at Tractor Supply. Can't honestly say that it's a place on my usual shopping repertoire but, for today, it was perfect. Presley's eyes lit up like she was at Disney World!! Needless to say, she got every one she was looking for...and then some!

After that, we were off to lunch at Panera-her choice-and then home to my house for a few hours before heading back to her house where I was invited to join a happy hour for moms and a house full of kids talking about new teachers, classmates, etc. And so another year begins.

I usually do a Back-to-School dinner at my house but football practices every day have really put a crimp in our fun so instead, I am taking the decorations over to Jen's tomorrow after school. I will get to hear all about every one's first day impressions while she cooks and then we will try to swallow a bite between my SIL getting home from work and he and the boys heading off to practice soon after! And so it goes!

I have another full week ahead and then, I will be thinking about starting my autumn decor. There IS light at the end of the tunnel! Stay tuned.


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