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Saturday, July 21, 2018


Yeah to a change of scenery! Yeah to a day full of fun and family! And yeah to a day of no rain...or at least no more than a drizzle!

I woke up yesterday to literally one of the most dismal days ever! And it only got worse! We had monsoons! I was supposed to head out for the day with daughter #3 and was just beginning to wonder if that was even going to happen when it got a little lighter outside just about the time we were leaving.

We made it to Gainesville with just a light rain falling and found a fun place downtown for lunch. We lucked out in our choice because we had a bit of time to kill before getting Hudson and this place had a wonderful waiting area with large couches and games-including a huge Scrabble board on the wall and table shuffleboard -which made for some fun.

Then we were off to the new Cade Museum. Grandson #2 has been attending science camp there all week long. He was excited that he got to spend the nights with his aunt, uncle and cousins as well. We got there a bit early, so we had fun exploring the museum. There are ever-changing hands-on experiences for kids but we older folks enjoyed them as well. They have an large area full of tables and "brain" games and I literally could have spent an entire day there-so fun!

This room is dedicated to Dr. Cade-the inventor of Gatorade and the benefactor of this museum.

This room was full of the science of 3D-including many 3D printers!  Here Presley is making some 3D glasses.

This area had many activities about chameleons, manatees and other critters. Here Presley is trying out some camouflage. You can hardly even tell she's there-lol.

The campers soon joined us and we got to watch their end of the week challenge. Groups of kids worked together to build structures out of scraps hopefully strong enough to protect raw eggs placed under them. Hud and his partner came in second when their structure actually held up to 135 pounds!

I think Jen's family will be getting a year long family pass so they can come back many more times! We still had a bit of time so we headed off and did some back-to-school shopping before we ended the day at Ballyhoos to meet up with the rest of our family that lives in Gainesville. It was a fun visit catching up on everyones' news and then we had a nice, DRY drive home.

Between the rain and the construction-or lack thereof-on the pool, I have been feeling a bit at odds this summer. It was really nice to have a change of scenery.

I think all I have left to show you are the bathrooms so I might as well get to it. No grand gestures for this theme but a definite nod to the sunflower.

Here is the guest bath. I used my old 4th of July basket here with another bouquet of my extra, "I don't remember where these go " sunflowers. I actually like the look of this so much, the basket may just become another of those "permanent" vignettes with changing flowers. We shall see.

And just the slightest nod in the master bath.

I think I might start on the Thanksgiving door hanger tomorrow. I'm deciding on just how I want his feathers decorated and then I can get going. No rain in our forecast today until later tonight so maybe I should try to get something done outside-or maybe I'll just put my feet up and watch a movie on this hot summer day! Stay tuned.

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