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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Trying to Stay Busy

The "real" work on the pool has begun and that is ONE, BIG hole in my side yard! Somehow, without any water in it it looks so much larger. It is 18'X36' and 8' deep at the one end so I guess that is pretty huge no matter how you look at it. There are lots of guys out there descending down into the deep end to contend with roots and whatever else they may find so I am trying hard to stay inside and out of their way although I can't keep myself from going out every now and then just because I need to see what is happening! I'm having a hard time focusing on anything else so I thought maybe if I came in to share another room or two I could give my mind a break from all things "pool".

Let's head on to the dining room. If you look carefully you might notice that the basket on the top shelf of the niche is empty in this picture. A few photos down you will see that it has been gifted with yet one more of my "un-homed" sunflower bunches. I'm sure it is much happier now that it has joined the club!

And here is my PB pot with handle once again firmly secured. Yay Mac Gyver!

Since we're so close, let's take a look out into the sunroom. Not a lot going on in here but that's OK. This room gets so much use when the "littles" are here that the less clutter to start, the better!

And, as often happens, when I posted the pictures from my kitchen hutch, I didn't like the feel of the bowl of citrus. The scale was off for me and so, when I moved this round tin tray from somewhere else and was "shopping" the house for another good landing spot, I tried it here. It gives the bowl a bit more presence. Still not sure I love it but it shall remain until I come up with Plan A,B,C.  Lol

I do like the way that all of the colors in this vignette seem to enhance each other-serendipity!

OK. I have left the pool guys alone long enough. Time to go annoy check on them once again. Stay tuned.

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