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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Next Stop on This Year's Tour

I just said good bye to grand daughters #1 and 3. They came last night and we had the nicest visit followed by dinner and a movie. This morning we went out for brunch and did a little reminiscing when we got home. I am NOT a hoarder BUT I do have trouble getting rid of things that have been done by any of my grand children. At one point in time, these two were the ones that lived the closest to me and I spent a LOT of time with them. I was a G.S. co-leader with their mom, picked them up from school, took them out to eat and on spending "sprees, etc., etc.-all of the stuff that a grand parent loves doing. And so, we did spend a lot of time in my car. They always wanted me to make up stories. The problem was, that once I did that, they would want the same story over and over. Not only did I have trouble remembering what I had said-but they remembered almost word for word and I would get snagged-or, I just got tired of the same old, same old. And so, out of desperation, I used to purchase drawing pads and non-melting crayons for them. They are both very artistic and loved to write and draw away a car ride. And, of course, I kept these pads. We found them this morning and had a few good laughs at some of their poems written to my husband and me as well as their childhood drawings. So much fun to look back on those times-especially now that they are 22 and 19!

I was going to head out to do some weeding but that is a task much better started early in the morning when the sun isn't quite so high-and hot! So I thought I would stay indoors and show you the next room we come to...on to the kitchen!

I TRULY am showing my age...I think I LOVE vintage so much because it is what I remember from my childhood-well, almost. Both the old Good Housekeeping magazine cover and the children speak to me. The kids and I made those firecrackers years ago. As I said, if they made it, I have a hard time saying good-bye!

I love that hanging star. It is nothing more than a wooden, craft star decoupaged with a napkin and then edged with translucent white glitter. I strung it on a wire and added a ribbon embellishment.

The old carpenter's box holds the napkin decoupaged plates we made as well as the now very old star coasters-may be time to look for some new ones as these guys are getting pretty worn out! The basket makes grabbing a holiday napkin easy and accessible.

This was last year's "desperation" craft when I just wanted to craft so badly and had NO brilliant ideas. Truly a "no-brainer" and I had everything already on free as well! I like it.

So that is this year's kitchen. I have a bit of a busy week coming up but I know I'll be back to show you more soon. Stay tuned.

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