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Friday, June 22, 2018

The Hardest Part is Over

So it no secret to followers of this blog that I am ALL about symmetry. I think I have even shared my story somewhere along the way. Many, many years ago, when I was taking an art class in college, I was tasked with making an asymmetrical design and then turning it into some form of art. Since I was newly married and all about "decorating" our rented apartment, I decided to make my design into a hooked rug. And, somehow I came up with the idea of using a section of a peacock's spread tail for my design. And so, I sketched, picked a portion and submitted it to the professor...and waited, only to be told it was SYMMETRICAL. OK. I moved on to another section with the same result. I think it may have been my third entry when he called me into his office to see why I was having so much trouble. I truly DIDN'T see how it could possibly be symmetrical. I tried to explain by folding my design in half vertically and then horizontally and thought I had proved my point-no symmetry. But a minute later I saw what he had been trying to explain when he took the design and folded the paper diagonally...and yep, it was indeed symmetrical. Somehow, no matter what I tried, my eye just couldn't tolerate anything asymmetrical. I soon saw the error of my ways and was able to pull off not only the design but quite a beautiful woolen hooked rug that I used for many years.

But, this issue has dogged me for many years in many, many design attempts.And so we come to the point of this post. I had a fabulous day yesterday with my friend and was ready today to move along with my next hanger. I wanted to make an autumn leaf. I know I have also told you before that I don't have an original idea in my body. I need to see other things and then can jump off from there. And so, I began looking at clipart leaf images and soon realized that the leaf I wanted needed to be different on each side-no folding the kraft paper in half and cutting for this design. Uh-oh. I knew I had quite the task in front of me. It actually took me awhile to get the length and width I wanted with the leaf in proportion but then, on closer inspection, I realized I had done it again-both sides were exactly the same and the leaf didn't look like a leaf. It took me a number of attempts-just like that day back in Norman Hall oh so many years ago, until I got close to what I wanted. I decided that I would quit while I was ahead. This is where I am:

It's not perfect but, it doesn't need to be. And now it's late on a Friday afternoon and I am ready to sit down, put my feet up and call it a day. I know I will probably hit the ground running tomorrow because I'm not moving on to witches' hats until this is done and I am really anxious to get on to witches' hats! If I'm making Halloween gifts can autumn be far behind? Stay tuned.

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