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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

It's Hard to Teach an Old Dog... tricks. Or so they say but, I am actually pretty proud of myself today. I think I am beginning to master my new Cox Contour remote control device...with very little "training". It took Cox so long to finally get my install complete-and still no land line service as the provider is out (which is only supposed to happen once every two or three years and it happens on the day of my install)-that the last thing they wanted was to spend any more time giving me remote control lessons.

I will say that if I had not been a TiVo remote user, I would be lost! They did give me a book but I am NOT a visual learner. I am a tactile learner. I need to watch you do it and then actually do it once myself before it even begins to make sense. But, the new remote is "voice command" so it takes away a lot of figuring out how to get to different screens. You just hit the speaker button and say a channel or a show title and you are there. Then, using the arrows, it is pretty easy to figure out where to go next. There are probably some short cuts that I could use but don't know about just yet. I'm hoping once my youngest grand children get back in town, they can give me some pointers. They have Direct TV now but I'll bet they'll remember their old Cox remote! And, since I'm the first to have the new voice command, I'm hoping they'll think I'm cool-but probably not. They've probably seen this a million times and will already be on to something else! But, for this moment, it is my new BFF and this old dog IS learning new tricks! Lol

I was supposed to be out back right now tackling another round of weeds but, as we speak, we are having a summer thunder storm with the rains coming down pretty hard. As much as I don't mind gardening in a drizzle, even I won't try it having to dodge lightening bolts. And so, on to plan B...which I don't quite have right now so I'll show you another 4th of July room. How about we head to the family room next?

As I look at this picture I am realizing just how much I really like the room re-do. An added bonus is that with the new rug, I no longer dislike the floor as much as I have the last few years. It really pulls everything together. Guess my decorator daughters have been correct all along-the room needed a much larger rug! Thanks kids for the rest of my Mother's Day present-you shouldn't have but I'm glad you did. Lol

Here, once again is one of my most "pinned" pictures. Daughter #3 made this for us when her three children were all still small. I don't think she ever really intended for it to be around so long but we loved it so much that I took it apart and laminated those little handprints before putting it back together. I look at it so often and marvel at those tiny memories-grandson #1 is now taller than me and grandson #2 is close behind!

If you follow this blog regularly, you are probably wondering if I an feeling OK. my 4th of July mantle is usually crammed full of much more "stuff" than you see here. But, I am trying to stay true to my favorite vignettes that work and leave them in place all year long just embellishing as I go. And now that I have two of my favorite PB lanterns, they are staying right where they are...which definitely clips my wings as far as how many other things I can add to the mix. Since it took forever to make that wooden flag, there was no way it wasn't going out and so, the two Uncle Sams were about all that could fit. Some day I might use the flag somewhere else but for now, it is what it is! I'm really not getting lazy-I'm just getting old! Less things to move is good! If you looked carefully at the full picture of this fireplace, you also might have noticed that the candle sconces on either side have white candles-definitely NOT my usual thing. But, once again I have decide to leave the white for every season and just change the candles that are much more accessible. These too are the battery operated candles so they come on as soon as it starts to get dark and I am now OK with them staying white! I am surprising even myself these days!!

So that is the family room. The rains are still coming down and it is dark and dreary outside. Might be a good day for a movie marathon! We shall see. Stay tuned.

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