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Friday, June 15, 2018

All That Glitters!

My daughters are still in Europe and my son-in-law is still going to work every day, so the "littles" are still with Nana. Summer days can get very long so I try to have a few things always on the crafty horizon.

Today, we made 4th of July slime. We picked up the clear glue when we were at HL the other day. I had everything else on hand. Presley is apparently the "queen of slime" because she immediately told me that the recipe with Borax didn't make a very stretchy slime. We went ahead and put it together because it made the prettiest one. But, she was right. It is still fun to play with-as a matter of fact, I like it more-but she wanted to do the one with liquid starch...and, of course, I had that in my craft arsenal as well.

The starch produced a more white colored slime but waayyyy stretchier! This time we used red, silver and blue glitter and 4th of July confetti.

She's very proud of her "slime swirl".

The Borax recipe is more "Flubber-ish".

The starch recipe is white while the Borax made the clear...even tough they both used clear Elmer's glue.

And to make our day even more fun since there is construction going on at my daughter's house (even though she's not there to supervise), their two dogs came to visit as well. As long as you don't leave any food ANYWHERE reachable-and that is pretty far as Parker is a very tall dog-they are pretty good. We do have to try to keep Hazel from swimming and rolling in dirt, but that's a whole other story. Lol

I'm loving that I'm getting to pretend it's the 4th. This way, even if the whole gang is out of town on the real day, I will have had my photo ops. Now I need to get some of Harrison after he returns from camp tonight. Stay tuned.

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