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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

ALWAYS a Story!

It is only 3 o'clock and it already feels like a day and a half!!! Cox Cable was here when scheduled this morning and my new bundling began. We have been Cox TV customers forever-although we used Ti-Vo DVRs and had our phone and Wi-Fi with Century Link. It was time for a change and I decided to bundle. I am truly not meant for technology. I don't know the difference between a modem and a router or if I own them or lease them...these are things you NEED to know...or you will have a VERY long day. In my defense, we have lived in this house for 45 years and have had a computer since there was a computer. We also had a "computer guy" who kept everything up and running smoothly. Now it is my job and I feel like a fish swimming up stream. I'm afraid to answer questions because I really don't know what is being asked...but, I digress.

In any case, things were going smoothly...until they weren't. Apparently there is a "glitch" somewhere but because the last 99 Cox guys who were here to address the 1001 issues trying to get Ti-Vo to speak to Cox wired the house in a way that probably meant climbing to the narrow recesses of my very large pitched Florida...the very nice young man that was here really didn't want to do that-and who can blame him? And so, yet another Cox tech has jerry-rigged this place to within an inch of its life! I feel like I'm "back in the day" when you wrapped aluminum foil around an antenna and didn't dare move. Right this minute, we're a go...but I won't place any bets.

And so, since I feel as if I have been through a war-and since I have two daughters and two grand daughters at the airport in NYC and ready to board a plane to Europe as we speak...and fly across that big, old ocean so my brain won't settle until I know they're on the ground again...I thought I would show you the front porch and the sun room today. Nothing grandiose but about all I can muster at this point!

I haven't hung my American flag just yet. Since we have been having so much rain, it really bothers me to see it get wet but it is difficult to put up and take down I am waiting.

Again, I purposely keep decor at a minimum in this room as we use it so often. The kids love this room because there is always a show of wild life going on right outside those windows. It is just easier not to have to move a thousand things before we can eat or watch TV or play a game.

So that's it from me today. Hopefully when tomorrow dawns I will have the spring back in my step-and, that step will probably take me to my backyard to tackle the weeds out there...actually something I enjoy doing so I will look forward to it. Stay tuned.

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