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Monday, June 4, 2018

Moving Right Along

Another weekend is in the books. I keep finding myself saying how time moves so rapidly these days but I really do find that true...until today...more on that later.

I had a wonderful visit with my brother and sister-in-law yesterday. They came down and I got to make another pot of my new favorite recipe, "Spicy Chili Soup" from the Chew. They brought a fabulous, fresh loaf of rosemary-sea salt bread and the most decadent New York crumb cake squares I have ever tasted! After lunch, we had lots of catching up to do and before I knew it, it was Monday.

I have been promising myself I would find a day with no rain and get out to the weeds before it got too today was the day! I did manage to get the entire front yard caught up and the hedges around the circular drive trimmed before I had to say "uncle". Usually when I'm gardening in the summer and I get this hot, I take a quick dip into the pool and get back to work. But, if you are a loyal reader of this blog, you will remember that I am waiting for a major pool repair so no swimming for me until that is done. And the way I was melting this morning, that CAN'T happen soon enough!!

And so, I am back inside and figured I would show you another room. On to the dining room.

As much as I like the little LED star lights that I usually put on this shelf, I didn't use them this year. I am still having a terrible time decorating this area and I just didn't want to draw any more attention to it than necessary. 

Wow! I got through this room without many words. Guess nothing needs explanation-pretty obvious. I am trying to not clutter as much as the new, "cleaned out" look of the family room actually does make me feel good. Of course, I still have my problem of "needing" to use anything made and/or given to me by family or friends and my pictures. It is amazing how many people immediately gravitate to the areas full of photos when they walk into the house. I even saw grand daughter #1 taking pictures of a few of my old photos...nothing like wonderful memories-even when you're not as old as Nana!

Before I close, I want to go back to the beginning of this post when I mentioned time going too fast-usually! I am making a HUGE (for me) change from my beloved Ti-Vos to a Cox bundle using their DVRs, land line and wi-fi. This was not an easy decision for me because I DO NOT LIKE CHANGE! But, the Ti-Vos are getting old and Century Link's prices just kept going up and none of their services were really excellent. And so, I took the plunge. But, in order to get the best price, I needed to be a new account. Which meant my old cable service would stop on June 1 and my new one wouldn't start until tomorrow when Cox arrives to work their magic. Being as naive as I am, I realized that the Ti-Vos would no longer be recording things but I just figured I would have to tolerate commercials for a few days and watch things in real time. Imagine my surprise when I realized I had NO cable at all. Lucky for me, I still had some things recorded and I have been going through those but I missed all of the HGTV decorating shows, Food Network competitions, etc. that I love so much...the clock just doesn't seem to be moving. Will 8 a.m. on June 5 EVER get here? Lol Stay tuned...knowing me, there will be some kind of story attached to this switch!!

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