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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Let the Sun Shine!!

Well, let the "sun" flowers shine that is!

For some reason or other, the rains really were to my advantage the other day. They were coming down fast and furious and we decided that it would be the perfect day to stay home. That translated to me as the perfect day to take down the 4th of July decor and get ready for the dog days of summer!!! Anyone who knows me knows that this is my LEAST favorite time of the year-apologies to all of my teacher friends who keep telling me I am wishing away their summer break-but, so be it! I didn't like it even back when I was teaching and wished it away even then.

That being said, you all also know how much I ADORE autumn. So, my choice of sunflowers for my summer decor holds a bit of a two-sided definition. To me, they are SUNflowers, so that is all it takes to work into my summer theme. And, since they also hold that "autumn" feel to them, I begin to decompress and start to breathe again.

And so, let me welcome you to the first of my late summer rooms-warning!!!! Sunflower overload ahead!!

This basket on the front door usually is full of sunflowers. But, being as obsessed as I seem to be this year, I needed those somewhere else so I found these summer colored poppies in one of my boxes. I wasn't happy that they didn't really portray the "theme" of the house so I added the little summer tie on that had the sunflowers already.

I think I have posted before about these tie-ons. When my mom was living in an independent living facility, the doors to each of the apartments were all the same. It was fun to see how everyone decorated them to make their little sanctuary stand out. Since Mom didn't want to bother with any more storage, I hung a plain grape vine wreath for her and once every month, I tied on a new seasonal accent. I have them all now and can always seem to find just the right place that needs a little boost. Since the sunflowers were there and the theme was summer, it added just what I was looking for-and, at no additional effort or expense!

I am showing you this picture just because I want to mention that large basket under the chest. That was an impulse buy at Tuesday Morning. It was marked way down and even though my girls kept telling me NOT to buy it-and, I really had no idea where it would go-I don't know how I ever lived without it!! It now contains all of my spring faux florals as well as many spring accent pieces. And, the chest is full of all of my green candles. Now when I go to put out spring, it is all-well, almost all-in one spot! Once again the scale is empty. I might think of something to put in there but right now I keep drawing a blank!

The colors on this chest are why I love my summer decor! They remind me that autumn is coming!! I so love those copper and rust tones!

I still love this arrangement I bought at Julie's oh so many years ago but, back then, it didn't have the sunflowers. I added them a few years ago so they would fit my theme for this time of year. I can simply pull them out and still use this arrangement many other times of the year.

When looking at the coffee table, I realize how long I have had most of those items. I guess when I buy things that really speak to me, I don't mind using them over and over and I am not in as big a hurry as I might be to replace them. 

It's funny how these two pictures of the same room at the same time make it look like two different colors!

And, as I am so wont to do this time of year, I was looking at some Halloween items coming to me via e-mail and, of course, something caught my eye. I had wanted this metal picture from Pier 1 last year but didn't want to spend what they were asking. I thought I would wait for a sale and then life got in the way and I didn't think of it again. How nice of them to send me a message showing some of this year's offerings. What a surprise to see it still listed as well as on sale with an additional % off for the 4th of July. Yep, that's how I roll-buying Halloween decorations literally on the 4th of July-doesn't everyone? It came yesterday and I love it as much as I knew I would because it has my favorite-the raven-and, I'm a pretty big fan of the chandelier too. Sometimes a little "present to myself" is all I need to keep me going. I'll be back with more soon. Stay tuned.

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