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Saturday, July 8, 2017

How Does This Keep Happening?

Every time I think I have hit one of those "I am almost caught up" kind of moments, reality rolls in like a big wave and knocks me off of my feet.

I am a HUGE list maker. I have to have a list! It is about the only way I can semi-settle my brain as I have so much to remember these days! I am so bad that if I end up doing something not on my list, I will add it just so I can cross it off. I know, I know-that issue is probably for a whole other post!

And so, after a super busy week with a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions, I went to put pen to paper for the plan for the next few days. We have been out of town and things always get ahead of me when that happens. And so, I begin by looking around and realizing that it is July 8 and my house is still decked out in red, white and blue. So, #1 on the list, begin taking it down. But, that is a huge project and we have to head to daughter #3's house in a bit to water plants while they're out of town and then to the vet to pick up their dog who is just recovering from a spaying surgery. And then later today, the weary travelers will return from their week long trip and two grand daughters will be here at our house until heading home to St. Pete. Probably not a good idea to even start that project today.

So, back to what I think will be my very meager list...until I look around. I now have more mulch to spread and the entire front hedge area needs to be weeded and raked after I mutilated trimmed the bushes! I am about 5 laundry loads behind, bills to pay, new license plate to be put on car, etc., etc., etc.

O.K. So I will start on one of those....until somewhere my weary brain slides over to Halloween. And, before I know it, I am on Pinterest looking at some ideas I pinned last season. I know that sounds strange but as I was trying to remember what I put out in my house after the 4th comes down, I realized I usually do my Halloween craft gifts now so I can savor the holiday when it actually gets closer.

And so, without doing any extra searching, I came upon these ideas and I'm thinking one of them just might "be the one" for this year!

I always love vintage things and this one could be done in so many ways...definitely a contender.

Image from

I haven't gone on to read the directions for this one yet but a pillow wrap sounds like a fabulous idea. Much easier to store than a true pillow and much easier to make than a pillow cover! Hmmmm.

 Image from

I'm still always drawn to Mason jars and these are easy for the recipient to add to their Halloween decor not matter how much or how little they may do. And, perhaps I could do both the pillow wrap and the jar vase and have a bit of a polka dot theme going!

Image from

Image from Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer

This is my least favorite idea so far but you never know!

Image from bloglovin'.com

And so you now might have a slightly better glimpse into how my mind (or lack of it) is working these days. One step forward and two back-but on a good day it will be two steps forward and one back. And so, I continue having more good days than bad and moving forward. The next time we visit, I am hoping I have some late summer decor to show you. I ALWAYS love it when the sunflowers come out because that means the pumpkins and autumn leaves are not far behind! Note to self: while perusing last year's July posts, it is obvious that I need to get thinking about our back-to-school party which will be here before we blink. And so it goes!! Stay tuned.

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