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Monday, July 24, 2017

Dog Days of Summer!!!

As if the dog days of summer aren't BAD enough, I seem to have developed "crafter's" block! I don't know if I just don't like the new ideas coming along the pike or if there really aren't any new ideas and, because I am older than mud, I have already done all of the ones I like. Let's just say that I have pretty much been an obsessed holiday decorator and crafter for more years than I care to admit!! I love to make things for family for each holiday. But, that being said, I like to make things that there is a chance they actually like and use. And, as all of their families are growing up, the "cutesy" ideas just don't fill the bill any more. I look for traditional, vintage, shabby chic sort of things that might fit into their new decors. Sadly, I am coming up dry this year!!

Usually when this happens, I throw myself into a different large project that will keep my mind free for awhile. But, with the weather we have been having this summer, anything outside is pretty much out of the mix and who wants to do anything inside when it is dark and dreary? No matter what you might do, it doesn't look fresh and new-at least not to me.

And so, I am pitifully looking for any little thing I might want to tweak. Here's today's offering:

When I first posted the bar area, I only had the pitcher of sun flowers and candle. I knew it didn't look finished and when I came upon the family picture with the rusty frame, I remembered that I like it here. And then, "genius" struck. I grabbed my beautiful new tin tray and added it to the group. It not only mimics the tin of the pitcher but it has a lot of rusty spots so it picks up the frame and the label on the pitcher. And, believe it or not, that made me happy today...guess it doesn't take much in the dog days of summer. Heading back to Pinterest. I'm like the "Little Train That Could"-I think I can, I think I can...stay tuned!

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