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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Is It Almost Over?

Have I told you I am not a fan of summer? Anywhere...but especially in Florida! I must say though that even though this year has been super hot, it has also been super RAINY...more than usual. And so, on the plus side, everything is super green and lush! My Gerberas-that are usually droopy beyond belief this time of year- are full and plentiful. Of course, on the other side, so are the weeds...

In any case, we have had a very busy week and are heading out of town on Friday so I thought I would get this last post done. I think all that is left is the sun room and guest bath.

I always wanted a sun room so when we finally decided to enclose the screen porch and add windows and heat/AC, I was a very happy camper. I only wish the room wasn't so long and narrow. It makes it really hard to decorate. My husband's office and the door to the garage are at the far end. There is also a treadmill, my desk and a chest that stores games and DVDs down there. I wanted a place for another TV and I must say, this space gets lots of use. It is the perfect place for the kids to watch TV or movies when the living room is full of ladies and the men have the family room TV tuned to sports.

The other end of the room houses the table that we love so much. We use it almost every day either to eat on or play a game. I love that the bird feeders are right outside these windows and there is always a show going on for us! I also have my magazine reading chair down at that end...again a favorite because of the view. And, a quick pat on the back for me. I held out for slate on the floor and it is perfect. This is the room from which visiting dogs go in and out and lots of muddy feet from the pool or the side play area come in. The slate is so easy to car for that I literally just "swab" it down.

The guest bath just has a small nod to the sun flower theme. I put the small arrangement in there but just wasn't happy with it-it just didn't have the presence I wanted. Then, on a trip out to the garage looking for something else, I saw one of my favorite candle holders that I wasn't using and thought maybe it could help. Of course, it has a pointed spoke to hold the candles and the pot on the arrangement is ceramic with NO hole on the bottom...but, with my trusty Dremel and a very small drill bit, I was able to get just the hole I needed without cracking the pot. And now, it fills the space a bit better and I am happy. And, you know what they say,"if momma is happy,...."

So that is it for late summer. Believe me, I can't wait until I can begin my next decorating theme...AUTUMN. Out will come the pumpkins and leaves and I will begin to breathe again.

In the meantime, I am still looking to fall in love with a Halloween craft project. I had a few ideas but none have really grabbed me so I am still looking. I love to get my Halloween crafting done during the summer so I have time to "smell the pumpkins" when October rolls around. We shall see. Stay tuned.

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