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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Inspiration Strikes...

If you read my last post, you will remember me saying how much of my house comes from Pottery Barn-especially this time of the year! I devour each new catalog as it comes and could almost literally move into those pages!! I have so much of their stuff-or reasonable, less expensive facsimiles from HL, Pier 1, etc. that I can very often recreate a vignette from those pages that I simply fall in love with. And, that was the case, just this morning, in our dining room. I was ready to do this post but thought I would have one more cup of coffee as I looked at their most recent catalog to arrive. When I flipped a page and saw a room very like my dining room with a tabletop dressing that spoke to me, I headed into several other rooms in the house to "collect" pieces and changed the centerpiece on the spot! I love it when that happens and it justifies me keeping all of the stuff that I have-kind of.  I was a big fan of Christopher Lowell when he had a decorating show on TV and he was a big advocate of everyone having a "merchandising collection". He called it something else but it translates to me as "lots of stuff at your disposal so can pull and tweak whenever the inspiration strikes". I love to be able to go to those wonderful shelving areas (in my garage- that my SIL built for me) all color or theme coded and find something similar enough to what I am looking for that I don't have to make any new purchases. And, usually for me, one thing leads to another so we will see where today's little adventure leads!

In any case, here is the most current-always subject to change-dining room dressed for late summer.

I'm not a big fan of the grapes just laying on the shelf but I put them there to remind me that the arrangement from which they fell is MIA. I can see it as plain as day and vaguely remember something about it-and a few other things I used in my spring decor-being put somewhere special so I could find it easily-yeah, right!! I have looked everywhere I would normally store it so I am letting it go and I will stumble on it soon-I hope! 


So that is where we are right now. Oh yes, I did find another inspiration in the PB catalog. There is a bedroom design that speaks to me and is very similar to our bedroom right now-except for the wall color. I haven't painted that room in a long time so it may be needed. But, the room is a very soft peach and that has really never been a big favorite of mine so I am going to "sit" on it a bit and see how I feel about it in a week or so. I have already checked all of my seasonal bedding and I think it will go with that and it will definitely go with my patterned carpeting and, I think it will pick up one of the tones in the new bathroom flooring that adjoins the room...hmmmm, maybe I have just answered my question. Stay tuned.

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