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Friday, July 28, 2017

Changes In Store?

If you've been following my train of thought lately, you know I am having crafter's block when it comes to finding a new and exciting project for Halloween gifts this year. But, as I have been on the Pinterest hunt, I have been coming across some other ideas that have gotten me to start thinking. I really love my Halloween decor and I pretty much have everything just where it needs to go because of size and theme. But, I have begun to think about doing a bit of a mix-up this year and purging the things that won't fit into any other new spot. I began this thought process with thinking about changing up the family room mantle.  This is what it has looked like the last year or so:

I do have to admit that as I look back on this, I still love this mantle-just might be ready for a change. And, here are a few from past years:

As you can see, the majority of them were themed around the old "family" photos...and I like it but thought maybe a change was in order.

Either one of these would work as a jumping off point. I especially like the one using the witches as I have a few really cool witches of my own. Of course, that would mean moving that vignette from the living room and finding something I like just as well to fill that void. Right now it all sounds like a sort of plausible idea but as it gets closer to actually having to do all of the leg work involved, I might be singing a different tune...we shall see.

 I had about definitely made up my mind to get rid of the "laboratory" but after going back through last year's photos just now, I'm teetering once again. Decisions, decisions! Stay tuned.

Look how much fun they're having!!

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