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Monday, October 24, 2016

Be Still My Heart!!

So we have officially lived through another Family Halloween Costume Weekend at Nana and Papa's! Plus, we had another wonderful day of football as well and the boys were so happy more of the family was in town to cheer them on.

Our weekend fun started on Friday afternoon when Kris and Olivia arrived and we all went to Jen's for dinner and catching up.

Very early Saturday morning, Kris headed to Tallahassee where Caitlin was to be initiated into ADPi. Since this was her mom's sorority as well, Kris was invited to surprise Caitlin at her ceremony. The rest of us headed off to the park for another day of football where we were joined by Becky and her two girls-confused yet? After a lovely day in THE MOST AMAZING autumn weather, we capped it off with a lovely lunch at a favorite of ours-Mojos!

Just when we thought we were nestling in for the evening, we heard the front door open and were surprised not only to have Kris home a bit earlier than expected but she was with Caitlin. Oh how happy I was to once again have all three of my girls and all seven grand children able to be with us for one of our favorite days of the year-as well as my SIL, brother and sister-in-law and SIL's mother! We were missing one SIL, Todd, but since he was having so much fun once again hiking the Appalachian Trail, we forgave him.

I am going to warn you that this is a picture loaded post. I really don't have to comment much as most pictures are pretty self explanatory. Hope you enjoy seeing another year of craziness!

The seven cutest witches in the world!

Even Jasper was in the spirit!

Steve with his "Handy Dandy" notebook and Blue.

The Masellis- "First Year College Student Zombie, "Hurricane Matthew Newsman" and one of the Minions.

The Hutchisons- the other two Minions and "Pigs in a Blanket".

The Hollands- "Geico Money Man and Progressive's Flo", lady pirate, the Grim Reaper and Slenderman.

On to the games: Cheeto Head, Cream Face Gummies, Bobbing for Apples and Doughnuts on strings...the same ones every year but the ones the kids request every year!

I am a bit "loopy" by this time. This thing gets harder and harder to pull off every year because all seven grands have now got totally full schedules of their own as well as all of their parents. There is much tweaking done and many, many miles put on cars. But, in the end, it is ALL so worth it. I love this crazy gang with all of my heart and when I look at these smiling faces and remember all of the hugs, laughter and smiles on these sweet faces, I am positive it is worth every bit of the angst we may feel as we try to prepare. I want nothing more than to leave my family full of memories of their crazy Mom/Nana. I hope I am giving them "fuel" for many stories about me in the many years to come!

And so, my favorite weekend of the year has once again come to a close. But, we don't have time to pout as this week is full of award ceremonies, pumpkin patches, scarecrows and finally Halloween in St. Pete. Hope Kris has my spot on her porch all warmed up for me. I CAN'T WAIT. Stay tuned!!

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