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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Here We Go Again

Just when you think you have your days all planned out, life has other ideas. We returned from a wonderful visit in Gainesville yesterday. We got to spend a few days with our grand daughters while their parents are out-of-town. They are truly old enough to be alone-Hannah is a senior in college and Morgan is a senior in high school-but, we thought they might like some extra "bodies" around and I think we were right!

In any case, today was going to be my day to get my "ducks in a row" for the kids' Halloween weekend with Nana and Papa. But, it looks like we will have to spend it preparing for the possibility of Hurricane Matthew. We have gone so many years without a storm that it is hard to comprehend that we might be having two in such a short span of time but this looks like one we should probably take seriously! And so, instead of getting Halloween goodies ready today it looks like we will be loading up on storm supplies just in case.

I will wait until tomorrow to see what is happening though before I start to move anything not tied down. That is a daunting task-especially with all of my outside Halloween decor already in place. Everything went together so easily this year although it is still a LARGE, hard, heavy task so the thought of having to pull it all down does not excite me-but, neither does the thought of my "dead and breakfast" sign flying through our front windows!

In any case, the house is decked out and ready to go so let's start at the front door.

Welcome to my house and one of my favorite vignettes. I just realized that I have already tweaked this area since I took these photos. I have hung yet another of the old attic lights hanging from the dropped ceiling...can you tell I bought more of those lights last year when Grandin Road closed out their Halloween? If one was fabulous in the family room why wouldn't two or three more be better in other places? lol

This is where I ended up putting the new Yankee Candle witch's boots. For some reason, I didn't like how any of their candles looked in here so I added my little votive arrangement. I love that you can see one of the Halloween doilies my Mom made. I smile every time I look at it because it was not something she wanted to do. She was going between my house and my brother's at this time as my step father was in a rehab center and Mom didn't want to be alone. We were trying to keep her busy with all kinds of things but she missed being in her own home and being "in charge". She had kind of given up on her crocheting saying her eyes weren't good enough and her hands hurt but we knew if we could just get her started, she would take off running...and she did but she wasn't quite sure what to make of our choice of orange and black thread. She was quite the traditionalist and always used either white or ecru. We were all so happy to get these Halloween cuties and bring them out every year!

And just look at this beauty! It was a surprise from my brother and sister-in-law on returning from our recent trip. Cyndi and I had seen them in the decor shop and I resisted buying one although I came mighty close. What a lovely surprise to have her get it for me. It is not actually made to go on a lamp but since I don't light that lamp often, I think it will be perfectly safe and I absolutely love the way it sets off another of my witch vignettes!

This room started out being my Edgar Alan Poe room but is fast having to share with my witches!!

And here is where the new witch's hand candle holder ended up. I love her spider web finger nails!

Look at this little beauty. It is a gift from daughter #3 and her family this year. I love how everyone gives me my Halloween gifts so early so that I can work them into my decor!

Yep, there's another attic light-have I told you how much I love those things?

So that is it for the livingroom. Not many changes but enough to keep it fresh. Fingers crossed that I can come back soon. Power is usually the first thing to go around here any time we have heavy winds so we shall see. Stay tuned.

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