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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Room With a View

Boy, Matthew sure messed up my schedule. Even though we were very lucky and didn't bear the brunt of this storm, there were days and days of hearing about it, preparation and then clean-up-days when I would have been concentrating much more carefully on Halloween-party games, food, costumes, etc. And so, I find myself FINALLY beginning to do that today. Before I pour myself another cup of coffee and start making lists, I though I would show you this year's family room-but, don't get too excited. I think this is one room that is almost EXACTLY like it was last year. One of these days I am going to have to change it up but I really love it the way it is!

This is still one of my favorite decorations! I found it at Grandin Road last year. It is motion activated so it is sure to scare someone each day! And, it ticks, chimes and the skull lights up at the stroke of 13!!

Be still my heart!!! This guy was a doozy to make but since he is a knock-off of a very expensive wreath that I really wanted, he was worth every bit of the effort!

This is one of my all-time favorite crafts. The girls and I made them as gifts many years ago. It is made out of black Crayola air-dry simple to do. Just shape into a witch's hat, stick in some copper wires, wait for it to harden and embellish!

Of course, all of the many, many shelves that I didn't show you are jam packed full of photos. I LOVE to look at all of the memories of so many fun times together. It is hard to believe that we are still pulling off this celebration every year but we all love it so much that it is a priority. I hope we are giving our grand children many, many tales to tell their offspring! BTW, I have discovered that it is not only the older grand children that are clinging so tightly to our traditions but the "little" ones as well. When I was talking to them this past weekend to see what changes they would like at this year's party, the answer was a resounding "NONE"! They want it just the way it has always been! Sure is going to make planning and list-making easier-lol. Stay tuned.

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