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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Autumn Bliss

I am enjoying every minute of this gorgeous season. We are still keeping busy with football every Saturday and now that the weather is co-operating, it is the perfect way to spend a Saturday. I am enjoying every minute I am spending in my yard in this weather as well. Everything is still lush and blooming. When all of the mums are added, I am a happy camper. I have everything I need to get our costumes ready this year. I am going simple and just embellishing pre-made items, so no sewing involved. And, the year has finally come where I am not making any grand children costumes either. For many reasons (procrastination-not on my and really difficult choices that would be difficult to duplicate by Nana), the three little kids will be wearing costumes ordered from a really unique catalog and the older ones are now enjoying getting their own together so we will all be surprised at their reveal. I am a little sad that the "Nana Costume Factory" has closed for this year but there is always next year and the machines can be ready to "hum" again whenever needed!

We have a busy week ahead...a few appointments, a visit to the pumpkin patch and Scarecrow Row in Alachua, family arriving, more football and then our family Halloween costume party. Menus have been planned and shopping is underway. I can't wait-although there is a lot of cooking and cleaning that must happen first.

And so, let's get another room or two under our belts before I have to get busy!

A peek into the dining room-and our little visitor down in the corner.

Oops. Just realized when looking at this picture that I never put any candles in the wine bottle to do that now.

This is where that Elmer's Glue spider web ended up.

I love this guy and the way he welcomes everyone into the sun room. The beautiful flowers in the bottom left corner were a gift from my brother and sister-in-law from their beautiful gardens.

Couldn't leave this post without showing you our faithful little friend who is staying with us for a few days as her mom, dad and siblings (a.k.a. daughter #3 and family) are off to the beach for a few days. We love having her here and she must love us as well as she NEVER leaves one of our sides! It takes twice as long to do everything but it is at least twice as much fun, so it is O.K. Next weekend we will have as many as 6 dogs visiting as well as all of their families. Should be chaos so much fun! Stay tuned.

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