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Monday, October 10, 2016

Kids' Halloween 2016

Always love this weekend so much. It is a special weekend for any or all of our grand children to come and have some ghoulish fun. In recent years it has been mainly the "little" kids as the older girls are so committed to school, work, sororities, etc.

This year, I made plans factoring in two football games for the boys-one at 8 a.m. and one at 4:30 p.m. I knew we were not going to have as much time as usual because of the boys having to get there an hour before each game and then staying after for a little bit. JUST when I got it all planned out, it looked like Matthew may cancel it all together as we lost our power for a few hours on Friday.

But, we were very, very lucky and did not get anywhere what was originally planned-and power was back quickly. So then I thought we were right back on our original schedule when I learned that football was canceled any way. I was afraid we may not have enough to do to keep us "Halloween" busy but, between all of the extra stuff I always have on hand and the kids keeping themselves occupied part of the time these days, we were good.

I LOVE doing our traditional "witch" pictures. Can't wait until the rest of the gang arrives for our party and I can snap a few more. It is so much fun looking at past years and seeing how much each one grows.

(This site is giving me fits on picture uploads and placement, so I am just giving in and going with the flow...hopefully you will be able to tell what goes with what!)

We made haystack monsters this year. Each child made a different flavor-and, as usual, taste testing was a necessity!

Here we are making apple monster mouths and a skull crudite'.

We went super simple on lunch-again, because I really didn't think we were going to have a lot of time here. This year we had "sand-witches", lizard tongues and our monster mouths...and, of course, those yummy haystack monsters for dessert.

After lunch, we headed to the beautiful day outdoors to begin our present for Mom and Dad. I always try to have the kids make something that they can take home and add to the decorations. This year it was a spooky road sign. They really got into using the spray paint!

They loved hammering it together also.

So proud of their creation!

Dinner followed this year's "simple" theme. We made individual mummy calzones-that way we could each fill our mummy with our own favorite goodies!

I kept dinner fairly light as I knew we were in for a big dessert-vampire strawberry floats!

Every holiday we try to make a shirt and this year we went back to the tried and true pencil eraser dots around an ironed on pattern. Each kid got to design their own shirt as to the number and placement of their bats and the color/colors of their dots. I love how they always look so different.

My what BIG teeth you have!

On Sunday, after a Halloween breakfast, the boys headed off to play some kind of computer game so Presley and I had some girl time. We started off with Halloween mani/pedis. I think we both found a career we could fall back on if necessary-lol.

And then we were off to a Barbie party. Presley felt she had to dress the part so she attended in her lace skirt, fancy shirt, Halloween bow and black fur stole...I was definitely UNDER dressed for the occasion!

I love that many of these Barbies (and Donnie and Marie) as well as all of the furniture once belonged to her mommy.

And, I'm sure it comes as no surprise that in this house even the dolls must dress for the holiday-lol.

Sunday afternoon was "second Sunday"-an idea my daughter and her family have recently implemented where they come over, help with some heavy chores and then make us a yummy dinner and dessert to boot. This week we tackled the remnants of Matthew-my SIL got up and got all of the branches off of the roof as well as getting all of the leaves and small twigs out of the gutters. The rest of us tackled the grounds. We got a large pile of limbs and 7 cans full of debris but we were really lucky it wasn't worse. Today was so beautiful it was hard to believe that storm was still around and hitting other states! When the kids got hot, they actually went for a swim!

And so, another Nana and Papa Halloween goes in the record books. Next celebration will be in two weeks when we have our family party here at our house...can't wait! Stay tuned.


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