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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Just Breathe!!

We are home safe and sound from our fabulous trip to daughter #1 and her family in St. Pete. We always have such a wonderful time when we are there but when our trip includes Halloween, it is always over the top!

I am STILL trying to get our Halloween decor down and put away as well as get Thanksgiving up. So far, so good but SO much more to get through. I thought I would just do pretty much a picture post of actual Halloween and then I will be back soon to fill in the blanks and tell you about our other adventures while gone.

As I have posted before, Halloween in St. Pete is something to behold! Sometimes you feel as if you have walked onto a movie set. Not only do the kids dress up but the majority of the parents as well. I think it truly is my favorite day of the year! It never looks as good in pictures as it does in real life but if you use your imagination, maybe you can enjoy. I snapped a few during the day but everything really comes to life at night!

We start with my daughter's house. This year her theme was spiders but she is making plans for a bigger and better theme next year as her neighbors are all really getting into the mood more and more each year! She's hoping to make theirs the best street in St. Pete next year-lol.

Of course, a jack-o-lantern is a necessity!

Off we go!

This is Kris' across the street neighbor. Can you believe they mad this decor with an old swimming pool liner? Below is the master of ceremony spider!

I didn't get many pictures as trick-or-treating actually began because things get CRAZY real FAST...but, I did snap a quick picture of our grand daughter and her friends right before they headed off to neighborhood parties-the cutest 7 dwarfs ever!

And now I am off again to tackle more "catching up". This is when I start to question WHY I put up so much every year. But, I know I will do it again...just 51 more weeks to wait! Stay tuned.

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