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Monday, November 7, 2016

I Love the "Big" City...

...but NOT the traffic!! Or the MANY laned roads! Luckily for me, when we are down visiting our daughter and her family, she does all the driving and I sit in back like Miss Daisy!

I shared with you already the photos of the St. Pete Historic District house decorations but Halloween wasn't all we did down there.

Even before the big day, we were out and about and enjoying the beautiful weather. We took walks around the neighborhood and down to the water at the end of Kris' street.

I've got to admit I would probably do LOTS more walking if I had this to walk to every day!

We woke up to the MOST PERFECT weather on Saturday morning and knew we had to be outside so we headed to the St. Pete Saturday Market.

If you are a lover of food, wine, breads, sweets, honey, etc., etc., this is the place to be. We had so much fun perusing all of the booths and picked up some yummy local goodies.

Then, as we were walking around downtown my daughter decided we needed to try a restaurant that she has been trying to get us to for several visits now. And, of course, it wasn't hard to persuade me as this place was decked out to the hilt for the holiday! Every wait person was in costume and they were really great costumes.

The friendly door greeter!

Even though it would have been fabulous to eat under all of these webs, the weather outside was just too beautiful to pass up!

And, as if all of that wasn't enough, on the morning after Halloween we headed into Tampa. Our first stop was Ikea. Even though all of the stock in this store is a bit overwhelming to me, I did manage to find a few new treasures for Christmas.

After we left Ikea, we headed to Ybor City for lunch and ate at this classic restaurant.

And then, of course, no trip to Tampa is complete without a visit to Hyde Park.

We also fit in a few days of just relaxing...playing games, reading, catching up on Halloween shows, talking and porch sitting...always lots of porch sitting.

So now we are home and most of Halloween is a thing of the past and we are ready for Thanksgiving. As soon as I get the house a little more straightened, I will be posting. Stay tuned.

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