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Thursday, November 10, 2016


Welcome to the start of our Thanksgiving decorating. In the last many years, we have not hosted this holiday as other family members have wanted to do the hosting job-as a matter of fact, I don't think we actually hosted since our girls were still living at home. But, the way schedules are this year, many of our family members are heading out of town (or state) for their feasts so we are playing host to daughter #1 and her family. They will be arriving on Tuesday-Caitlin will be coming in from FSU in Tallahassee and Kris and Liv from St. Pete.

Hopefully we will get in a visit with daughter #3 and her gang before they head off and still have time to do some preliminary baking and cooking before the big day. Even though we will be small in number, we will be big in food as each of us has our favorites that we just MUST have!

Then, on Friday, they will use their much younger bodies to help us get our lights on that oh-so high roof peak before we hunker down to watch the new episodes of the Gilmore Girls-sounds like a perfect holiday to me!!

I am happy to say that I FINALLY have all things Halloween not only taken down but in their proper homes until next year. I have done a bit of cleaning and gardening and am beginning to feel like I might just be getting ahead of the game any day soon. Of course, if I do, I had better start thinking about Christmas...and November birthdays...and December birthdays...oh well, this is what I love about my life. There is ALWAYS something else waiting to be done-that's what keeps me "young"! Lol

And so, come on into the living room this year. There are a few changes. I haven't bought anything new-just moved some things around.

I love how my dough bowl looks loaded with these pumpkins and the turkey standing guard!

So there you have it-pretty simple but so is this holiday. It is more a holiday of family, friends, home and being thankful for what we have. I have a bit more to show you so please stay tuned.

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