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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

What Day is it Again???

Wow, what an amazing Christmas, week, MONTH we have had! I am still having trouble believing it is almost over but we have packed it full of so many, many memories!!

When I think back, I have a hard time realizing we have done so much and gone so many places:
     1. Spent almost a week with Kris and the girls in St. Pete doing lots of fun Christmas excursions
     2. Found time to make a Thomas Paine costume
     3. Had the 5 grand daughters here for our traditional Nutcracker weekend
     4. Had the "little" kids here for a number of visits and crafting
     5. Spent a family-filled game day at the Hollands
     6. Went to Christmas eve service with the Hollands
     7. Had everyone here for Christmas day
     8. Overloaded on fun in Savannah to celebrate our 50th anniversary!

I think I have shared most up to Christmas so today's post will cover that.

We went to a beautiful Childrens' Candlelight service on Christmas eve at Jen and Elton's church.

The music at this service was wonderful-especially the kids. Here they are singing and signing.

This one is hard to see, but it is our oldest grandson hanging the baby Jesus ornament on the Jess Tree.

Santa visited everyone in their own homes while Nana and Papa got ready for the fun to begin.

After way too many photos, they begin to go punchy!

The day was all about the smiles and hugs!

After gift opening, we all headed out to break in the go-cart that Santa brought to the Hollands. Nana couldn't let everyone else have all of the fun! I don't really know what comes over me-I drive a car like a grandma but get me on a bumper car or go-cart, and my inner "speed demon" comes out!

Once it got dark, the gang headed out for a light-up snowball fight! Thanks Uncle Todd for the furry, light-up snowballs. The kids had a blast.

Before too late, the "children were nestled all snug in their beds" while visions of Savannah danced in our heads.

More on that adventure in the next post. Stay tuned.

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