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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Little Angels

 The other day I had two of the little kids here. I knew it might be a long day so I like to have all sorts of things to keep them busy. I happened upon a cute angel ornament and thought it might be fun for them to make.

Presley opted out because she wanted to get the doll houses decorated for Christmas but my little crafting buddy was raring to go.

As soon as I pulled out the printed copy of my "pin", I realized that there was no tutorial to take me to because this was actually an ornament available on Etsy...but, it was made from popsicle sticks so how hard could it be?

Hudson and I set out to make a prototype. Boy was this thing a bear-way more difficult than it looked but we persevered and he actually thought of a few things easier than I would have done them. He loves using my Dremel to drill so I let him go at it. Usually I worry that he might slip and get hurt but this time, he had it all over me and I let him go to town. He drilled holes through the round, wooden balls like a champ while all I succeeded in doing was burning the wood and getting the bit stuck!

We made enough so that he could give one to each family and were pretty proud of ourselves when we realized they didn't look quite right. Oops, we forgot the wings.

A few pieces of cardboard and lots of glitter and we were good to go. I bought some Christmas bags and ribbon and am going to take it along tomorrow when we head over for our baking adventure to let him wrap them up. He is so excited about giving these to everyone.

And then while I was cleaning up, he put his imagination to good use and came up with this all on his own. He is planning it as a gift for someone very special! Stay tuned.

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